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Download Angry Birds Star Wars II for PC – How to tutorial

Angry Birds have been the most popular Android game since it has been launched on the Google play store. There are lots of special versions of the game being launched till now and today I’m here with one new and better version of Angry Birds game.

I’m taking about Angry Birds Star Wars II which is available for free and it’s the best version of this popular game. I’m going to first share the features of the game with you and then I’ll share the tutorial using which you’ll be able to download Angry Birds Star Wars II for PC.

Angry Birds Star Wars II game

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Features of Angry Birds Star Wars II game

I don’t need to describe that what this game all about and how you need to play it. If this is your first time of reading about this game then I can explain for you. You need to kill all the pigs as they stole your (birds) eggs. You’re a bird and you’re extremely angry over them.

This particular version is based on wars between angry birds and bad pigs but not on earth, rather in space. This is the reason why this game has been named Star Wars.

The graphics are as usual i.e. amazing and in extremely better quality. Objects look like in 3D and you’ll experience birds flying and objects like never before.

There is anew series of birds and pigs with special powers that you’ve never experienced before.

The best feature of the game is that you can play in both ways either as Angry Birds or also as bad pigs. In case you’re playing Pigs side then you need to kill birds and then you need to conquer over their territory. The best thing to do in game is that play with both teams and experience both ways.

All the birds and pigs have also got their own targets which you’ve to complete. You need to power up each bird and pig completely as this is again a challenge for you.

Download Angry Birds Star Wars II for PC

The game has got a special level too in which you need to power up each special birds and pigs to their higher capacity. This is an additional stuff which you can play.

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How to Download Angry Birds Star Wars II for PC

Follow the steps mentioned below,

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Use search tool to find Angry Birds Star Wars II game.
  3. Now begin with the installation process.

That’s it! This is how you can download Angry Birds Star Wars II for PC.