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Download Total Conquest Android game for PC

War based games are one of the most popular games since games have started available on PC and mobile devices. In the list of most popular games till now of all kinds, war based games will be the one which will be found in higher numbers.

On Android’s market named Google play one good war based is available for free. It’s named Total Conquest and its supports both tablets and smartphones running on Android operating system.

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I’m going to provide details of this game in the feature section later but before that I’ll provide a tutorial using which you’ll be able to download Total Conquest Android game for PC.

How to Download Total Conquest for PC

How to Download Total Conquest for PC

You need to follow the simple steps mentioned below in order to download Total Conquest for PC.

  1. If BlueStacks is already installed on your PC then skip to second step otherwise download BlueStacks from this official webpage and install it on your PC.
  2. Use BlueStacks search tool to find Total Conquest game.
  3. Once you found the game then start the installation process.

That’s all you need to do to download Total Conquest Android game for PC.

Features of Total Conquest Android game

Till the game gets ready on your PC you can read the features of Total Conquest Android game so that you can know details about the game before actually playing it.

The game is based on historical war and you’re going to take care of Roman Empire. You need to build and increase your empire or territory and you also suppose to attack other territories and empires near your area to increase your empire and power.

You’ve to build and manage your own city first and then you need to keep on going winning other cities and empires. This is how you’re supposed to increase your power.

But make sure there are other empires too which can attack you. Just to be on the safe side you need to build your empire with toughest security and use your resources and military forces wisely to keep your empire always safe.

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There are about 10 different unit types available in the game. You’ve to start with basic one which you’ve to upgrade to highest skill levels so that you can unlock next level of units. You can buy new units and train them to get better results in the war.

Download Total Conquest Android game for PC

You can move around the world to fight to increase area in your empire. In reality, Roman Empire was very vast and you’ve to prove that again with your game play skills.

There are lots of other things similar to war based situations which you can do in the game. The best thing is that you can call your friends from Facebook and Google+ for help.