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Nun Attack: Run & Gun – Download for PC and Play for free

There are lots of endless running games available on the Google play store but these days’ people are getting bore of these games. If you want to still play endless running Android game but with new genre then I’m here with one such game named Nun Attack Run & Gun.

This Android game is available for free and you’ll also find a fighting feature in the game i.e. you’ve to fight for your life and kill all your enemies while running.

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I’m going to provide you feature of this game first and later I’ll share a tutorial on how to download Nun Attack Run & Gun for PC.

Nun Attack Run & Gun Download for PC

Features of Nun Attack Run & Gun

As I mentioned already that it’s an endless running game and you also need to fight for your life. There are lots of devils who will come to you and you need to kill them all with your guns. Mind your way as they will also try their best to kill you.

You’re a Nun and there are few character options that you can choose. There are special powers with each Nuns and you need to use them well.

While running and killing devils you need to collect coins and special powers too. These coins will help you in upgrading characters and also to unlock them.

There are lots of worlds in which you’ve to run and kill your enemies. Within each world there are lots of levels which you need to clear off in order to take over your enemies’ territory.

There are lots of weapons available in the store which you can choose. As I mentioned earlier that you can also choose a particular character from the store, each weapon and character have got special feature which you can use.

As it’s also an endless running game so you need to run while keeping yourself safe from obstacles and off course you need to take care of enemies. You’ve to change tracks at appropriate times while concentrating on collecting coins. So the game play is very much complex.

Features of Nun Attack Run & Gun

Another best feature in the game is that you can share your score with your friends over social networks. This is how you can challenge your friends and can win over them by putting higher scores.

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How to Download Nun Attack Run & Gun for PC

I’m writing below the steps you need to follow,

  1. Download BlueStacks from this official source and install it on your PC.
  2. Now use its search tool to find Nun Attack Run & Gun game.
  3. When you got the game in the search result then start the installation and it will get installed within few minutes.

That’s all you need to do to download Nun Attack Run & Gun for PC.