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Update: Online RPG Avabel has stopped working on BlueStacks since the update of Avabel. BlueStacks has been informed of this issue but no ETA of a fix. The article was written during the time of when the game was previously working on BlueStacks. We apologize for the mis-information and will update the article once BlueStacks has made a fix.

RPG or Role Playing Games have been all time favorite among gamers. While PC were in craze, RPG games were also in demand and internet was full of such games fans. Now PCs have been replaced by gaming consoles and those who can’t afford them, Android smartphones and tablets are there.

With the evolution of Android particularly from the Ice Cream Sandwich version of this free OS from Google, graphics quality have been seriously improved which gave gamers an area for better game development and they did great job.

One such good game available for Android devices is ONLINE RPG AVABEL which is available on Google play store and for free. If you’ve tired of playing other games I’ve mentioned earlier on Tecnigen then this time I got a new game which is surely going to be your next time pass source.


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I’m going to provide information regarding features of ONLINE RPG AVABEL and then I’ll also share the tutorial using which you’ll be able to download it and play it on your PC.

ONLINE RPG AVABEL Android game features

Here I’m going to write the features of this game so that you can know about ONLINE RPG AVABEL before playing it.

As the name of the game suggest, the ONLINE RPG AVABEL is an online game and it requires internet connectivity either via Wi-Fi or cellular data. It connects with the gaming server and there you can find lots users who are ready to play their role in the fight. This is the major feature in the game since you can play the game online with your friends or with unknown users but at least they are going to be human not the artificial intelligence of computer.

You can play the game in multiplayer mode with your friends online or you can join the unknown user group where maximum 100 of users can play the game directly online.

The graphics of the game while playing online or offline remains same and they are developed with very dedication. That means graphics quality is superb and you’re definitely going to love the game.


You’re going to find a lot of weapons in the game which you need to use wisely to kill all your enemies. While playing and killing others, you’re also going to increase your score and you’ll also get chances to gain special power ups.

As you’ll download the game now so you’ll get an updated version. A new feature has been added in the game which is labeled as ‘Jewel’ which is a special power-up that can be activated but remains effective for a while. Jewel provides special power each time.

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If you’re looking for best online game for your Android device then this is going to be your best selection.

How to Download ONLINE RPG AVABEL for PC

In order to download ONLINE RPG AVABEL for PC you need to follow steps mentioned below,

  1. Download BlueStacks app player and install it.
  2. Run BlueStacks app player and use its search tool to find ONLINE RPG AVABEL game.
  3. Once you found the game then install it.

That’s it! So friends, today you can enjoy an online game either on your Android device or on your PC. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with your friends.