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How to Play Dungeon Quest for PC for free

Hello friends, today I’m here with one adventure game which you’ll find on the Google play store for free. In the game, you’ve to complete different levels and complete challenges you found in front of you. I’m going to provide you a tutorial here on how to play Dungeon Quest for PC for free and then I’ll also share the features of the game with you.

The game also got a leaderboard which you can top by playing it rough through all the levels of the game. You have to put a custom name of your character and then you can easily track your position on the global leaderboard with that name.

How to Play Dungeon Quest for PC

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How to Download Dungeon Quest for PC

As I mentioned in starting, you can download Dungeon Quest for PC and play it for free so I’m here with that tutorial. You need to follow the simple steps mentioned below and then you’ll be able to download and install Dungeon Quest on PC.

  1. Go to this official website of BlueStacks and download its app player from there.
  2. Install BlueStacks app player on your PC when download gets finished.
  3. Now use search tool of BlueStacks to find Dungeon Quest game on Google play store.
  4. You can install the game when you found it. A short cut will be added of the game within the BlueStacks app player. You can also put it on the desktop.

That’s all you need to do to download Dungeon Quest for PC. Before installing BlueStacks app player make sure that the graphic driver of your PC are up to date otherwise the software will not get install.

Features of Dungeon Quest Android game

Earlier the game was in beta version but recently it got updated in its stable version. The stable version brought a lot of new exciting features and the game also got updated with better graphics and performance stability.

Before beginning with the game, you’ve to choose a difficulty level. The difficulty level will let you choose the powers and abilities of enemies. If you play it on the hardest level then you’ll find enemies coming after you very fast and using best of their skills and powers. It’s obviously recommended to start with the beginner level and then proceed to the difficulty level.

Download Dungeon Quest for PC

There are 100s of new levels added in the game and you can play all of them in 5 different difficulty levels. The 100s of levels are each different in look and graphics. Each level will have different enemies and also new strategy to apply to win.

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You’ve to equip your character with a unique name and also with different weapons. You’re a wizard and you got your own list of skills which you can equip and use wisely.

There are four different bosses in the game who you’ve to finish with best of your power and skills.