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Download and Play Eden to Green on PC

Ready to experience a fight between green plants and aliens? If your answer is yes then I’m here with a game which is based on the similar fight. The game is named Eden to Green and it is available on the Google play store for free. I’ll also provide a simple tutorial to you using which you’ll be able to download and play Eden to Green for PC.

Before this game I’ve never experienced a fight between plants and aliens but after playing this game on my Android smartphone I found the concept to be good. In fact this game was unique to me and I really liked it.

download and play Eden to Green on PC

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Features of Eden to Green Android game

I’m writing down the features of Eden to Green Android game down here so that you can also know what this game all about.

The game starts with a little story, a story which is not good if you have some emotions for our green plants. Some kinds of aliens have reached the beautiful planet Eden and they want to get all the natural resources out of it. Aliens may be doing this for their experiment but they are not sure of the emotional architecture of the planet.

You’re a green planet and you don’t want to let this happen at least until you’re alive. So you challenge the aliens and fight back with them. This is how the fight begins and you’re on the survival edge.

There are about 40 different plants and trees which you can use in the fight. You also have to make sure that you seed more plants and trees so that you got lots of options all the time. Otherwise aliens will slowly and steadily decrease your natural resources.

The objects in the game look 3D and the graphics are superb. If your smartphone supports high definition resolution then you’re definitely going to love the graphics of the game.

You can create a game plan and you can define plants and trees to either expand, defend or offend. It’s up to you how better you use your army of plants and trees in the fight against aliens.

download Eden to Green for PC

There are over 70 different locations or missions in the game which you can play. All 70 missions have been under aliens in starting and you need to conquer those locations one by one.

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How to Download Eden to Green for PC

Now I’m starting with the tutorial on how to download Eden to Green for PC.

  1. You need to visit this official webpage and download BlueStacks app player.
  2. Install BlueStacks and use its search tool to find Eden to Green game.
  3. When you found the game then install it.

That’s it! This is how you can download and play Eden to Green on PC.