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How to Download Death Shooter 3D for PC

Counter Strike is still the favorite war based game available on PC and gaming consoles like PS and Xbox. But official counter strike is still not available on the Google play store. Yet there are some alternative options and I’m here with a game which will give you feeling of playing Counter Strike on Android. The game is named Death Shooter 3D and it is available on the Google play store for free.

I’m here with a tutorial to provide you features of Death Shooter 3D Android game and also simple steps following which you’ll be able to download Death Shooter 3D for PC.

download Death Shooter 3D for PC

The game is amazing and deserves 5 out of 5 ratings. I’ve gone through lots of user reviews and found this game getting extremely popular over there.

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Steps to Download Death Shooter 3D for PC

You need to follow the steps mentioned below to download Death Shooter 3D for PC.

  1. First download BlueStacks app player on your PC. You can get it from here.
  2. Now you need to install BlueStacks.
  3. Run BlueStacks and use its search tool to find Death Shooter 3D game.
  4. Once you found the game then start the installation. Within few minutes the game will get installed.

That’s it! You don’t need to do anythng else and depending on your internet connection speed, the game will get installed on your PC.

Features of Death Shooter 3D Android game

Until the game gets installed, you can go through the features of this game so that you can know how this game is going to feel like Counter Strike.

The first amazing feature of this game is that it got two modes to play. You can either play the counter strike mode or you can play it in zombie mode. In Counter Strike mode, you need to kill terrorists who are indulge in some illegal activities while in zombie mode you need to kill as many zombies as you can. This is how you’re going to experience two different games at single stop. Both the games works fine and this game also works well on Android devices having single core CPU.

The graphics of the game are superb. You are not going to find any lag in graphics and it fits perfectly with the game play. The sound effects matches perfectly with the graphis going in the background. The game will look better on HD resolution display as its graphics are developed for HD display.

Download Death Shooter 3D

In the game you can choose lots of weapons to kill enemies. You’ll find yourself at top of a building i.e. roof and you need to take out your sniper from there and point out the enemies. In starting, your enemies will not spot you but as game proceed they will also attack you back. In this situation you need to take cover to protect yourself.

When you kill enemies then you’ll be awarded with some cash. In case you put a head shot then you’ll get maximum cash for a single killing. This is how you’re going to grab some cash in your pocket using which you can afford to buy or unlock new weapons and accessories. This is how this game gives you feeling of playing a counter strike like game.

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The best way to know all the features of this game is to download it and start playing it. I’ve already shared a tutorial on how to download Death Shooter 3D for PC which I hope you already read.

I hope you like this game and do share it with your friends over Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. If you have any other concern then leave it in the comment section below.