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Top 3 Apps to Simplify your Life

With the dizzying array of responsibilities most people face, it is surprising people find time to enjoy their lives at all. With the cost of living on the increase in most places, people are working more than ever before to try and keep up, leaving little time for the important things.
Here are three of the best life management apps for both iPhone and Android, that will help you keep a handle on your responsibilities to save time for more enjoyable pursuits.



Evernote makes it simple to remember things you have to do, syncing them automatically across your digital devices. This handy app features an attractive and easy to use cross-platform interface that is available on your mobile (IOS & Android), computer or tablet. With Evernote, your notes, web cuts, records and images are made accessible on each device. Store everything you are interested in, whether it text, images or even sounds to simplify your life and save time looking for things. With Evernote you can save whole web pages to be viewed offline and it is also a handy travel companion, able to arrange your itinerary, booking confirmations, reservations and maps, all in the one place on several devices simultaneously. Best of all the standard version of Evernote is available for free here.



Keeping track of your money is often a time consuming process, with most people’s accounts strewn across different financial institutions. Manilla will enable you to keep track of your finances like never before, keeping all your finances in the one place. Get an ordered perspective of all of your bills, accounts and rewards programs. With the use of one password, Manilla immediately recovers and records all your financial records and will sends you notes for vital due dates. It features custom alarms when your bills are due, so you will never make another late payment and excellent security and privacy. A free trial of Manilla is available on both IOS and Android platforms here.

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Tax time is an undoubted headache for most people. Collecting and recording receipts is a time consuming chore and one that is fraught with issues. Lose a receipt and you might just lose a rebate. With Shoeboxed you can simplify your life by simply snapping a photo of the receipt and this handy app will transform it into accurate, human verified data and archive it in an easy to find format. A virtual shoebox, it features a built-in search function so you can quickly find receipts. You can also generate expense reports in a matter of seconds. A great time-saver Shoeboxed offers a far superior to scanning documents into an edible file for easy sorting. A free 30-day trial of the Lite version of Shoeboxed is available here. The app is also available in Classic, Business and Executive versions for the heavier user, who require more support and more document uploads.