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avast! Anti-virus Software Now Available for Mac

Owners of PCs will be familiar with the hugely popular and free anti-virus software from avast!. Along with AVG, avast! dominated the free anti-virus download market with the provision of effective PC protection and an exceptionally attractive user interface at no cost. Now Mac users can enjoy avast! protection with a brand new Mac edition.


Some might argue that Macs are not really subjected to viruses or trojans and while that used to be the case – it isn’t any more. While not near the PC level of threats, there are several Mac viruses that can cause system issues without your knowledge. The Hong Kong Virus, INIT-29-B virus, HyperCard HC-9507, OSX/Leap-A, the trojan horse AppleScript.THT, ‘flashback’ that affected over 600,000 computers and the recent ‘pint-sized’ Trojan are just some of the nasties that have graced Mac computers in recent years.


The Mac edition of avast! anti-virus is powerful enough to safeguard your Mac from threats targeting OS X and Windows viruses that could be passed on to others. It is compatible with both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs and if you have Windows installed on your Mac for use with Bootcamp, avast! has a unique Mac&PC Edition to provide dual protection.


The app features on-screen tools and live graphics, a system file shield, an email shield/scanner and a web shield. avast! will guard these easily exploited areas efficiently. When you have downloaded and installed the app, expect a slight drop in performance as the app systematically scans your hard drive for threats. Browser performance is also hindered slightly with the web shield enabled.


avast! Is available for the following systems: Mac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8, Mac OS X 10.8 Avast! Mac Edition can be downloaded here. A promotional video for the software can also be viewed here.