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Play Krrish 3 The Game on PC – How to Tutorial

Krrish 3 movie starring Hritik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra was released recently and it was a big hit in Indian cinema. But before movie was released, its official game was launched on the Google play store i.e. for Android users. If you own an Android device then you can play Krrish 3 the game on your device and if you don’t have any Android device then you can play it on your PC. I’m here with a tutorial on how to download Krrish 3 for PC.

I’m first sharing the features you’re going to get in this game. The users of this game are increasing day by day. The game is extremely good and got everything to become popular.

Play Krrish 3 The Game on PC

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Features of Krrish 3 The Game Android game

Following are the features of this official game. The game is based on the original story plot of Krrish 3 movie so if you’ve watched the movie then you’ll find lots of similarities.

You can play the game as different characters like Krrish, Kaya and few other mutants. You’ll find all main characters of the movie in this game.

The game’s graphics are designed very well and they are of high definition quality. You’ll find the city of Mumbai in the game and its three different locations, new city, old city and the industrial zone. The elements in the game looks like 3D so don’t bother about the graphics quality. The sound quality also matches perfectly with the background graphics.

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The game is like a running game but apart from running you also have to kill other character running ahead you. You can take help of other characters in the game to kill the main mutant and you can also use the special power ups like Shuriken, Freeze Mine, etc.

There are lots of levels in the game which you’ve to clear down. In this game you’ll also find parkour inspired moves which is another impressive feature of the game. Vector is the best Android game if you want to play a game completely based on parkour running.

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So friends, these were the features of Krrish 3 The Game now I’m mentioning the tutorial using which you’ll be able to download Krrish 3 game for PC.

Krrish 3 The Game Android game

How to Download Krrish 3 the Game on PC

  1. Download BlueStacks on your PC and install it.
  2. Use its search tool to find Krrish 3 the Game.
  3. Install it and it will get installed within the BlueStacks.

That’s it! Now you’re done installing this game and you can play Krrish 3 the Game on PC.