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Top Three Sports Games for iOS or Android

Sports games on mobile devices have come along way in recent years and these top three sports games on IOS or Android are perfect examples of the improvements in gameplay and graphics.  There are now many entertaining and detailed games on both Android and iOS platforms. Whether you want to score a goal in the top corner like Messi, slam-dunk a basketball like Allen Iverson or win a Grand Slam tennis tournament, there are addictive games available on your mobile device that will help you satisfy that itch.

These top three sports games on IOS or Android are guaranteed to have you whiling away the hours.


Stickman Tennis



Don’t let the fact that the characters in this free game are only stickmen, the simplicity of their form belies a game with very good backgrounds and gameplay. Hit the circuit and work your way from 100 in the world to the number one player in the world with powerful aces, solid ground stokes. The only downside with this game is the slightly less engaging net play.

Stickman Tennis can be downloaded and here:



Ancient Surfer



Those with a love of surfing haven’t exactly been treated to a raft of great surfing games over the years. It has seemed a sport that is difficult to animate in a way that recreates the feeling. This quirky and free Japanese game, not without its flaws, achieves it in moments. The game swings between two different views – a front on viewpoint of the surfer traversing the wave and another view from the tube, which is where the game really shines. Unlock the different levels to surf more challenging waves and watch out for the sea monster.

Ancient Surfer can be downloaded and here:






Fans of NBA Jam have been made to wait for it to arrive on Android as iOS fans got the game a year ago. The famous arcade basketball revival from EA Sports doesn’t disappoint however. Players can enjoy all 30 NBA teams and choose players from a selection of the current squad, and some classic players too. The big heads are still in this game, as is catching on fire, just about all the things that made this franchise so popular. Being from big game developer EA Sports, the game isn’t free but definitely worth a few dollars. The game features classic gameplay that while simple doesn’t become boring in a hurry. Kick back and slam dunk from the rafters.