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How to Appear Offline in Facebook Messenger Android App

Facebook messenger app is amazing way to stay connected with our friends. Although the basic Facebook app provides feature of messaging using which we can communicate with our friends but still having Facebook Messenger Android app brings some additional features. It comes with a limitation too, i.e. users can’t easily find option to appear offline in Facebook messenger Android app.

The best feature of Facebook messenger Android app is the chat heads. You can easily pop out conversation with any of your friends and that chat head is available everywhere. You can click chat head and conversation is resumed anywhere instantly.

Appear Offline in Facebook Messenger Android App

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How to Appear Offline in Facebook Messenger Android app

Although we want to stay connected with our Facebook friends but still we want to avoid certain friends. This is where the need of appear offline comes arise and Facebook official website provides this feature. Users can easily appear offline to all friends or particular friends and then those friends can’t see whether you’re online or offline in Facebook.

The official Facebook messenger app for Android doesn’t provide option to appear offline but still there is a working way to do that.

Appear offline in FB Messenger Android

You need to follow the steps mentioned below to appear offline in Facebook Messenger Android app.

  1. Start browser on your PC or laptop and open up your Facebook account.
  2. Now at the right hand side, you’ll see chat section in your browser. You need to click the gear button in that chat section and move into advance settings.
  3. Now you can either turn on chat for all friends or for specific friends or you can turn off chat for everyone.
  4. Click Save button and the changes will be saved.

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That’s it! Now you can access Facebook messaging feature via messenger Android app and you’re going to appear offline to the friends you neglected.

The best way is to turn off chat for all friends. This is how you’ll not appear online in Facebook messenger Android app but you’ll be still able to send and receive messages to anyone.