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How to Appear Offline on WhatsApp – Simple Trick

WhatsApp users are satisfied with all the features provided by this free messaging app but still one little thing makes its users little worried. As a user you may not know how to appear offline on WhatsApp but many times it becomes a necessity to do so.

So I’m here with a tutorial on how to become offline on WhatsApp easily. I’m going to share a simple trick to do so and you only need to follow simple steps.

How to Appear Offline on WhatsApp

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Need to Hide in WhatsApp

WhatsApp no doubt provides an easy and free tool to stay connected with our friends and to send instant messages which we rather use to do by the means of SMS package of our network provider.

By default, there is no limit set for WhatsApp users and they can send and receive unlimited number of messages. They can send files i.e. share photos and videos as well.

How to hide in WhatsApp

But sometimes we feel to appear offline in WhatsApp as we don’t wish to be available for chat. This situation may come at time we are in office or college or in an important meeting. The need can be personal or professional but it’s definitely there.

How to Appear Offline on WhatsApp/Hide in WhatsApp

You need to follow simple thing mentioned below to hide in WhatsApp.

When I searched for a working method on internet then I found few apps like WhatsApp Hide LastSeen -NO ADS, WhatShadow and WhatsApp Ghost.

I used two of them on my device and found the method on which these apps work.

All of these apps simply shut down the internet connectivity i.e. data connectivity and Wi-Fi so that WhatsApp isn’t provided the internet connectivity. Ultimately you can’t receive messages and can’t even send. This is how these apps help you to hide in WhatsApp or appear offline.

But this thing can be done manually as well within few seconds. You can easily turn off Wi-Fi and Data connectivity from the settings of your device and this will make you invisible on WhatsApp.

When you can do manually and become invisible in WhatsApp then why you need an app to do so?

At time when you don’t want to appear online on WhatsApp, you probably don’t even need the internet connection as you may be in meeting or busy somewhere else.

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So it’s better to close internet connectivity on your own rather than allowing any other app to do so. If you still want to have an app to do so then you can download any one out of those three apps I mentioned earlier.

Let me know which way you’re using to appear offline on WhatsApp or become hidden or invisible.