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Apple iPhone 5C Review – Is Cheaper iPhone best?

Ever wish to see iPhone in plastic body instead of common metallic body? Well go to the nearest mobile shop and check iPhone 5C. Apple has announced this new iPhone in the month of September and it’s now available easily.

Apple didn’t change anything other than the outer building material in the iPhone and presented it as iPhone 5C. It’s exactly the same as iPhone 5 which was announced last year. Even the processor and internal features are same.

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Apple iPhone 5C Review

I’m writing down the review of Apple iPhone 5C here so that you can make the decision fast whether to buy it or not. Although its functioning is same as previous year’s iPhone 5 but still you can go through its review.

Apple iPhone 5C Review


You’re going to find major changes in this section only. Apple iPhone 5C is made of plastic body but rest of the design is still identical to that of iPhone 5.

In measurement, iPhone 5C is slightly longer than iPhone 5 and also thicker. It measure 9mm in thickness and weighs 132 grams.

If you don’t want to have a plastic body phone then don’t go for iPhone 5C but if this thing doesn’t matter than you’re going to find it better.


iPhone 5C got 4 inch display added on LED backlit IPS LCD panel with resolution of 640×1136 pixels. The display provides retina resolution which is Apple’s best resolution display till now.

You’re not going to find any problem in the display and it looks great in different viewing angles too.


Apple iPhone 5C runs on Apple’s A6 processor which is the same processor as of previous year’s iPhone. The CPU is clocked at 1.3GHz and it’s also supported by PowerVR GPU.

In the storage section, iPhone 5C has 1GB of internal RAM and either 16 or 32GB of internal storage. You’re not going to find any lag in the performance as all the apps are optimized for this CPU. Last year’s iPhone was also good in performance and so this iPhone 5C.

The major change you’re going to find is in the operating system. It runs Apple’s latest iOS 7 which is completely redesigned from scratch. You’re going to find similarities in iOS and Windows Phone OS and Android OS if you’ve used all three of them. In short, iOS 7 is the best operating system Apple has developed till now.


If we count on the Instagram or Flickr like photo sharing websites then iPhone 5 is the most popular and best camera smartphone. The same optics is there in the iPhone 5C too. So you can expect the quality.

Technically it got 8MP camera at rear with LED flash and 1.2MP front facing camera. It got all camera features like touch focus, HDR, face detection, optical image stabilization and full HD video recording.

iPhone 5C Review


It supports 4G LTE along with all previous generation cellular network bands. It also got dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and microUSB port. Apple has also provided TV out port.

The LTE speed it provides is comparable to broadband speed which we get on wireline internet. The Wi-Fi speed is also great but Apple has still not provided the NFC feature.

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Wrap up

As it got plastic body so iPhone 5C will be having a cheaper price tag than iPhone 5S which is now the main smartphone of Apple, you can buy either 16GB or 32GB internal storage version of the iPhone 5C. In US and UK, you can easily find price of iPhone 5C as half of the iPhone 5S price.

iPhone 5C is still the same iPhone 5 but you’re going to find a plastic shell and also the 64GB storage version is missing now. Best thing in iPhone 5C is that you can choose out of 5 colors (White, Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue).