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Best Android games like Angry Birds

Angry Birds have been among the most popular Android games but now they are very old. But users still want to play Android games like Angry Birds and they are always looking for best of them. Angry Birds was popular as it was compatible with almost all types of Android devices and it was available for free. The graphics and game play was superb and the game was so hit that it saved its developing company ROVIO from going down in the market.

I’m going to share few best Android games like Angry Birds here which you can enjoy playing on your Android device i.e. smartphone or tablet. I’ll also provide little description of the game so that you can know about the game before actually playing it.

Best Android Games like Angry Birds

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Top 5 Best Android Games like Angry Birds

Although you’ll find best Android games like Angry Birds easily on the Google play store but still the original game is best. You can try any of these games just for the sake of change.

#1 Angry Piggy

In this game pigs and birds are not enemy rather they are best friends and there is one more animal in the story, a cow. The enemy in the game is a monster who stole their colors and now all three have to work as team and restore back colors to their life.

Angry Piggy

You can play the game either with a virtual controller or a gravity sensor (if your device has got this sensor). Approx 40 challenging levels are there in the game which you need to solve by using the right logic of physics, just like Angry Birds. The graphics are superb and the game play is far better than any other similar game. This particular game is the best alternative or Android game like Angry Birds.

#2 Worms Battle

Forget about birds and pigs and let me introduce you to the worms. This game as the name suggests is based on battle between worms and you need to kill other worms with the one you’re having.

The game looks very similar to the Angry Birds and the game play is based on the same physics. The game level are new and graphics are also good.

#3 Siege Hero

You need to use the physics based logics and create a strategy to protect the queen. You need to go through the fort by killing all the soldiers protecting it and then win that fort.

There are over 200 unique levels in the game and the graphics are developed under high definition ground. You can also use a treasure map to hunt down for the treasure.

#4 Bad Piggies

This game is developed by the official developers of Angry Birds but it’s mainly focused on the story of the pigs instead of birds. You need to play the game as pig and solve hundreds of puzzles using the right physic logics.

Bad Piggies

The graphics are as expected extremely superior than any other game and the game play is also simple. The game is not easy to learn so it will be a good challenge in front of you.

#5 Crush the Castle by Namco

This one is a paid game which is available on the Google play store. The game wants you to destroy the castle with unique physics logics. There are hundreds of levels in the game which you can play.

The king has ordered you to destroy other castles and you need to make sure that you complete his orders well.

So friends, these were the best Android games like Angry Birds you can try. I searched for more games like Angry Birds on Google play store but didn’t find any interesting one. I would like to hear from you whether you liked these 5 best games like Angry Birds or not.