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Best Cache Cleaner for Android with Review

Hello friends, I’m going to share best cache cleaner for Android here. You need to install any one out of below mentioned apps to speed up your device.

Every computing device comes with a special memory or storage which is referred as cache memory. This memory is used by CPU or GPU to store temporary files which are needed to run a particular program or app.

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Why Cache Cleaner app required?

Best Cache Cleaner for Android

The same cache memory is there in the Android smartphones and tablets. If this memory is completely filled then it can make your device work slower than usual and this is the reason why cleaning of cache memory is so important.

4 Apps – Best Cache Cleaner for Android

I’m starting with the most recommended app as best cache cleaner for Android here. Like our Windows PC needs CCleaner app to clean cache memory, our Android device needs these apps too.

#1 App Cache Cleaner – Clean

This app is available for free on the Google play store and you can use it clean the cache memory of your Android device with one single touch i.e. 1 tap cache cleaner.

App Cache Cleaner – Clean

You can even set the app to auto clear certain types of files at particular interval of time. You can even do this with particular apps. This app provides tool to uninstall other apps too.

#2 Clean Master (Cleaner) – FREE

This app is got millions of users and the best feature of it is its user interface. The app provides the basic feature of cache cleaner for Android devices.

The app provides tools to uninstall other apps and also to kill apps from running in background and thus increasing performance of your device.

#3 AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner

AVG is a well known name in antivirus industry and its antivirus for Android is also great. It also provides a simple app using which users can clear the cache memory of their device.

The app provides simple and elegant user interface. It can even clean the log of SMS and other stock apps of Android OS. Using this app you can clear the files left in cache memory by uninstalled apps.

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#4 1Tap Cleaner

As the name suggests, the app provides 1 tap cleaner feature i.e. you need to simply touch once and the app will clean up the cache memory of your device.

1Tap Cleaner

So friends, these 4 apps are the best cache cleaner for Android. I’ve also provided a basic review of these apps to you. Now let me know which one you’re going to use on your device.