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Best Cloud Apps for Android Smartphone and Tablet

Cloud storage has been improved from years and years and these days it’s among the best online storage medium. Apple devices (iPad and iPhone) owners don’t need to worry about looking for best cloud apps as iOS already provides iCloud integration. But if you’re an Android user then you must check the best cloud apps for Android smartphone and tablet.

Cloud storage can be accessed by the means of internet connection and users can keep their data over there. The same data can be accessed from anywhere by accessing your account. This is how portability is achieved.

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Best Cloud Apps for Android Smartphone and Tablet

Best Cloud Apps for Android Smartphone and Tablet

Following are the best cloud apps for Android smartphone and tablet. All the apps mentioned below are available for both smartphone and tablet PCs running Android OS.

#1 Dropbox

Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage app and one of the oldest. It provides clean and elegant user interface and available for both smartphone and tablets.

You can easily save your files to photos and videos which can be accessed from any other device from anywhere and you can also edit the documents using this app.

#2 Google Drive

As the name suggest, this app is developed and maintained by Google developers and it provides some deep integration with other Google apps available for your device.

Google Drive

It provides free 10GB of storage where you can save any type of files and folders. You can also use the document editor of this app to start up your productive work anywhere and it will be saved instantly. Everything is secured with your Google ID.

#3 Box

This is another best cloud app for Android devices. It provides simple user interface and uses elegant color combinations. You can easily upload photos, videos and other files to the cloud storage which can be accessed with your account.

You can also share the files easily with links provided by this app. This cloud storage app is one of the favorite among private companies.

#4 SkyDrive

This is official app from Microsoft Corporation and it provides a certain volume of free cloud storage on SkyDrive. It’s protected with your Microsoft Live account.


As other apps you can store files, folders, photos and videos over this storage and use the links to share files with your friends.

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MEGA is also one of the most popular cloud storage providers and its official app is available on the Google play store.

The app provides simple user interface and it can be used to keep files and folders online which can be made available anywhere.

So friends, these 5 are the best cloud storage apps for Android smartphones and tablets. Let me know which one you’re going to use.