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Best Endless Running game for Android

Hello friends, today I’m going to share top 5 best endless running games for Android with you. You can easily download them on your Android smartphone or tablet from the official Google play store.

Endless running games have proven themselves as best time passing games particularly in case of smartphones and tablets. The main feature responsible for their popularity is the ease of playing those games. You simply need to make sure that you don’t get struck with any obstacle and also collect as much coins as you can.

5 Best Endless Running Games for Android

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Top 5 Best Endless Running Games for Android

Whether you’ve brought a new Android device or you want to look other endless running Android games, I’m sharing top 5 best endless running games for Android which you must keep in your device.

#1 Vector

My personal favorite endless running Android game is Vector. It’s available for free but after playing it you’ll feel like you’re playing a paid game.

The game is based on a special type of running called Parker running. You’ll be first trained how to play the game and then you’ll be ready to make fast moves on the roof of city. You’re running away from a machine life and you need to make sure that you get away from them.


You’re going to fly in the sky (I mean jumping) and you need to unlock lots of different running skills which are inspired by Parker running. The graphics are superb and the sound effects will make you addicted.

#2 Into the Dead

This is a zombie killing game and rather than collecting coins, you need to kill zombies while running. The game is one of the best endless running Android games but still got unique presence as users need to kill zombies.

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The graphics are mind blowing and the sound effects are perfectly matching. This game is definitely going to take a longer time for you to get expert in playing it. If you’ve bored by playing childish types endless running games then you need to play this.

#3 Temple Run: Oz

This game is inspired by actual Temple Run game but its graphics and story plot are inspired by a movie named Oz which was produced by official Disney and this game is also developed by their official developers.

The game will ask you to run as fast as you can and also need to make sure that you don’t meet any obstacle coming in your way. Off course you need to collect lots of coins and special power ups. The graphics of this game are gorgeous but you need to pay for this game.

#4 Subway Surfers

This game needs no introduction as it’s the number one endless running Android game. It’s still among the best endless running games as developers keep it updated with new graphics and tour.

Subway Surfers

You only need to concentrate on collecting special power ups and as many coins as you can. You also need to make sure of obstacles otherwise either some incoming train will kill you or the grumpy inspector running after you will catch you.

#5 Temple Run 2

This is the official second version of Temple Run game by Imangi Developer Company. The game is having superb graphics and much improved game play than the first version.

You need to dash as fast as you can and also need to make sure that you don’t get into with any obstacle or jump into the sky or deep water. You also need to take care of the big giant running after you as you’ve stolen some precious thing from the temple.

So friends, these were the top 5 best endless running games for Android. I just hope that you find all these games interesting and your search got ended. Do let me know which particular game you liked the most out of these five.