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Best Equalizer app for Android – Control Quality of Sound

From the beginning of digital music, equalizers have played an important role and these days our Android smartphone or tablet is our best music listening device. So I’m here with few best equalizer app for Android which you can use to control quality of sound on your device.

The stock music player in your device may provide equalizer but still you’re looking for equalizer app and you came here. My personal advice to you is that you install Google Play music app on your device which is the best music player for Android and it also got in built equalizer tool.

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Best Equalizer app for Android

Best Equalizer app for Android

If you still want to have a particular app for equalizer on your Android device then I’m writing down 3 best equalizer app for Android down here. You can install any one out of them.

#1 Equalizer

This is the best equalizer Android app available for free on the Google play store. The app brings simple user interface and you can easily change the sound effects on your device.


The app comes with 11 preloaded stock presets and it allows customization using 5 band level equalizers. You can even boost the bass effect and treble effect with one single touch. The app also got a virtualizer that will show the sound effects live on a graph.

#2 Music Volume EQ

This is another app available on the Google play store for free and its best feature is that you can use its widget on the home screen of your device. So you don’t need to go to app drawer to find the app first and then start setting up the sound effects.

Music Volume EQ

It comes with 9 preloaded equalizer presets and provides almost all possible tools to the users. The app works with all popular music player of Android.

#3 Equalizer Music Player

This is a kind of music player but its main focus is on the equalizer. Its user interface consists mainly of the equalizer tool which you can use to control quality of sound on your device.

You won’t find features better than above two apps but still it got all good tools or features to count this app in here.

So friends, these 3 are the recommended and best equalizer app for Android. Let me know which particular one you’re going to use on your device or you’re switching now to Google Play music player.