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Best Video Player for Android- Top 5 with Review

Earlier Android devices were not good in battery life but these days the devices are provided with better battery management techniques and also bigger sized battery. I’m talking here about battery life because if you want to watch videos or movies on your Android device then that must have a better battery life. I’m providing here top 5 best video player for Android here which you can install and use.

The stock Android video player is there but it doesn’t support lots of video formats. Whether you buy a branded Android device or a Nexus, the OS isn’t provided with a better video player and thus you came here searching for best Android video player.

Best Video Player for Android

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Best Video Player for Android

You can easily find these 5 Android video players on the official Google play store. I’m providing here all free Android video players.

#1 MX Player

This is the most popular video player and it works on almost every Android device. If you own a high end Android device then the official app is going to work properly but in case your device is running on ARM chipset then you need to install codec files on your device and then this app will work smoothly.

MX Player

In any case, whether you’re having a high end Android device or an ARM based, MX Player is there for your device. This video player supports all known and popular video formats and it even supports the subtitles.

You can easily control volume, forward or move back in video or movie easily by swiping. This is the number one video player for Android and you must have it.

#2 VLC for Android Beta

VLC is known since years in this field and its official video player app is also available on Google play store. Right now the app is in beta version but the thing which I care is that it’s available for free.

VLC for Android

It supports lots of video formats and you can watch movies easily. The app supports subtitles and this video player also works with streaming videos. In fact, it’s the best video player for streaming videos.

#3 Mobo Video Player Pro

This app supports all video formats known till now so if your video isn’t being played with above two video players then you need to try this one.

It supports gesture controls like MX Player and if your device is low end then codec plugins are also available.

#4 VPlayer Video Player

This video player is having extremely simple and elegant user interface. The controls are also simple and it supports most of the popular video formats.

VPlayer Video Player

This video player also works best with streaming videos but it comes with a limitation i.e. it supports limited number of devices. If your device is supported by this app then you must have this one.

#5 RockPlayer Lite

This one is a very basic but efficient video player app for Android devices. It can work easily on low end Android devices and it also comes with a file manager which can automatically scan the storage for video files.

This video player supports subtitles and playlist format (.m3u). RockPlayer Lite is the last recommended video player app.

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So friends, these were the top 5 best video player for Android. Let me know which particular video player you’re going to use and if you’re using any other which is good then comment it down.