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How to Earn More Coins in Subway Surfers – Genuine Way

Subway Surfers needs no introduction and the most important thing in the game is the coins. In starting, you’ll definitely going to need lots of coins and the app will ask you to buy coins from their online store. But alternative way to earn more coins in Subway Surfers is still going to work well.

I’m here with a simple tutorial on how to earn coins more in Subway Surfers game. You need to follow the simple steps I’ve mentioned below and you’re going to add up more coins easily.

increase coins in Subway Surfers easily

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Why you need more coins in Subway Surfers?

If you’re a newbie gamer of Subway Surfers then you must read this section. You need coins to put high scores in the game, unlock many locked features, buy special power-ups in the game and to do lots of things.

Coins are the most important thing in this game and you definitely need to go through steps mentioned below to increase coins in Subway Surfers easily.

Steps to Earn More Coins in Subway Surfers

You don’t need to look for any Subway Surfers cheat to do this. I’m mentioning all genuine ways to increase coins here.

Run longer – this is the first thing you need to concentrate on. If you run longer then you’re definitely going to grab more coins in the game. You should use hover board instantly when you think you’re going to die. This is how you’ll not die and you can then run longer.

Look for Magnet and Jetpack – when you get magnet while running then you can attract all the coins coming in your way. This is how you can increase number of coins easily. Jetpack is the next power up which move you on the sky and you’re provided with tons of coins arranged in a straight line. So you should never miss magnet and jetpack at any cost.

Earn More Coins in Subway Surfers

Increase Magnet & Jetpack time up – by default, these special power ups are valid only for 30 seconds but you can increase this period by accessing ‘Boosts’ section in store and upgrading these special power ups. To upgrade them you have to pay coins but believe me you’re going to collect more coins due to these upgrades.

Earn Coins – you can also earn coin by accessing ‘Earn Coins’ section in store. You can simply follow instructions mentioned over there to earn more coins for free.

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Facebook access – you can earn 5000 coins instantly by providing Facebook access to this game. Don’t worry, Subway Surfers game is not going to spam on your behalf rather this is how you’re going to find your Facebook friends playing this game.

So friends, these were the genuine ways to earn more coins in Subway Surfers game. I hope you use them and grab tons of coins in all future runs you’re going to make in the game. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with your friends. Best of luck!