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Motorola MOTO G Review – Another better smartphone with 720p display

Google seems to be using Motorola now as it’s the second smartphone which we are having in our hand. Motorola recently announced MOTO G which is having a cheaper price tag than MOTO X.

Motorola MOTO G is not having high end specifications rather Motorola has again focused on providing a quality smartphone at affordable price. MOTO G is available in US for just $179 (8GB). Users can also go for the 16GB version which is having additional $20 than the basic price. You may be thinking of some contract at this price but Motorola is making it totally off-contract.

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Motorola MOTO G Review

Let see what this device got for us and whether it’s worth of its price tag or not. It can attract those customers easily who are planning to buy their first Android smartphone. I’m starting with Motorola MOTO G review here.

MOTO G Review


You must have seen MOTO X either in pictures or in reality. MOTO G looks exactly like that. The only differences you’re going to find will be in the location of camera and loudspeaker. The design of MOTO G is impressive, attractive and off course simple.

Unlike MOTO X, Motorola isn’t offering MOTO Maker support for MOTO G but still users can change the back panel which is removable (battery isn’t removable). Users can choose among 7 different colors for the back panel while the front panel remains black.


The display measures 4.5 inch and added on a TFT Capacitive touch panel. The resolution offered is 720×1280 pixels and it also offers multi touch feature.

At time of MOTO X, Motorola said on their decision to keep resolution to just 720p that the full HD resolution display can cost too much on battery life which is most crucial part of a smartphone. Now the same decision is carried over MOTO G as well. According to me, HD resolution display is pretty good for just above normal usage and also it don’t bother me to think too much of battery meter.


Snapdragon processors are getting common with every new Android smartphone from brands and MOTO G also got the same. It runs on Snapdragon 400 quad core processor which is clocked at 1.2GHz. There is Adreno 305 GPU inside for supporting better graphics performance.

The inbuilt RAM storage provided to CPU and GPU is 1GB while there are two options in internal storage, 8 and 16GB. Storage expansion option is not provided.

This combination of CPU can deliver just below the top notch performance but don’t expect device to play games having high quality graphics. MOTO G is an entry level smartphone and this CPU is far better than the price you’re going to pay for this device.

MOTO G is going to come with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS installed which is a good thing as generally entry level smartphones are not running latest version of Android. Motorola is also going to update it with just released Android 4.4 KitKat. So you’re going to run latest and best version of Android.


MOTO G is having 5MP rear camera along with 1.3MP camera on front. The rear camera is capable of recording HD quality videos and it also got features like touch focus, face detection and basic HDR. LED flash is also there with rear camera to let you capture pics in low light conditions.

Motorola MOTO G Review


MOTO G won’t let you connect to 4G LTE and you’ve to stay with either 3G or 2G cellular network. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 are also there but it misses out NFC which is getting a standard feature in Android smartphones these days. Only microUSB port is there in MOTO G which is common for charging and USB connection. It also have GPS.

Wrap up

The features MOTO G is having are more than its price tag. In short, it is worth the shot and another good thing is that you’re going to get it without any contract.