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Top 5 Best Nokia Phones Below Rs 5000

Nokia may not be the number one mobile phone manufacture around the world but it still got a good market in India. Nokia has still a kind of trust among Indians and this is the reason why people here still buy Nokia mobile phones. I’m here with top 5 best Nokia phones below Rs 5000.

Mobile phones manufactured these days are mostly the smartphones with touch screen display but Nokia still got few mobile phones with traditional alphanumeric keypad. I personally prefer using mobile phone with alphanumeric keypad for messaging.

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Top 5 Best Nokia Phones Below Rs 5000

Here I’m mentioning names and details of 5 best Nokia phones below Rs 5000 with price. You can choose any one of them. All phones are good in reviews and working well with their current users.

#1 Nokia Asha 501

If you want to buy a mobile phone with basic internet features, social networking apps and touch screen interface then Nokia Asha 501 is the best one.

Nokia Asha 501

It features dual GSM SIM with 3.2MP rear camera and a 3.0 inch touch screen. It also got Wi-Fi connectivity and users can put in microSD card of maximum 32GB size.

Nokia has also developed Xpress Browser which uses very low amount of bandwidth thus help users to save lots of mobile data. It also got in Bluetooth connectivity and 1200mAh battery providing talk time of approx 17 hours.

Price – Rs 4,999

#2 Nokia 208DS

Nokia 208DS is the next here in the lineup with 2.4 inch LCD display and alphanumeric keypad. It supports dual SIM cards and also features 3G cellular network support.

Nokia 208DS

FM Radio with recording is another additional feature. The device looks good in hand and its design is inspired from Lumia devices. It also got 1.3MP rear camera.

It’s preloaded with Facebook app and it also features Bluetooth data connectivity. Nokia has also preloaded it with Nokia Xpress browser. If you don’t like touch screen devices then this is an alternative to Nokia Asha 501.

Price – Rs 4,899

#3 Nokia Asha 206

Another device which got Lumia inspired device and got 2.4 inch LCD display. The device also got a 1.3MP rear camera and features alphanumeric keypad.

Nokia Asha 206

It supports 2G GSM Dual SIM cards and also got FM radio with recording feature. Users can also insert microSD card of maximum 32GB size. It also got Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Google Talk and Twitter social networking apps.

Price – Rs 3,549

#4 Nokia Asha 210

This is a basic phone with QWERTY keypad and a 2.4 inch LCD display. The phone supports dual SIM cards and it also got 2MP primary camera.

Nokia Asha 210

Nokia Asha 210 supports microSD card of size 32GB and it also got GPRS for internet connectivity. It also got Wi-Fi feature with Bluetooth. Nokia has also provided its Xpress browser for faster internet connectivity.

Price – Rs 4,699

#5 Nokia 108

This is completely basic phone with no internet features at all but Nokia has provided its Slam feature using which users can share files easily. It supports Dual SIM cards and got alphanumeric keypad.

Nokia 108

It got 1.8 inch LCD screen and got VGA camera at rear. The battery provided within 950mAh which provides battery life of 13 hours. The design is extremely good and it weighs only 70 grams.

Price – 2,050

So these 5 are the best Nokia phones below Rs 5000. Let me know which particular one you’re going to buy.