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How to Get Subway Surfers High Score Easily

Subway Surfers is no doubt the best endless running Android game and it needs no introduction. While playing this game you must have thought how to get Subway Surfers high score easily, right?

Well I’m here with few easy steps which you need to follow and you’ll be able to get high score on Subway Surfers easily. You don’t need to look for any Subway Surfers cheat as the things I’m going to share can be done easily.

High Score in Subway Surfers

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What is High Score in Subway Surfers?

First let me share what is high score in Subway Surfers and how you can achieve it. I know describing this thing is silly but still many users may not know it.

While you play Subway Surfers game, at the end of each run you’re provided with a score based on your running distance and many other factors. Every time when you put on your best running skills you’re provided with highest score from the game and this is what you need to earn.

Get Subway Surfers High Score Easily

In order to get Subway Surfers high score easily you need to follow below mentioned steps or you need to take care of following things.

Subway Surfers High Score EasilyRun longer – this is the first thing you need to concentrate on. You need to run as longer as you can. Your running distance affects the final score.

Collect coins – I know you’ll be collecting coins but now focus on collecting as much coins as you can. At the end of each run, the score you earn is increased by the value of coins. This means more coins you collect will help you to add more on your score.

Add-ons – you can also increase the time interval of magnet, jetpack and other special power-ups which you find in between running. You can increase their activation interval by purchasing their upgrades with coins you got. Once you got those power ups for longer duration then you’ll be collecting more coins and that will increase high score in Subway Surfers game.

Multiplier missions – when you start the game then at the top you can find missions. There are special missions for which you can make a run. Completing those missions will increase the multiplier and this is where you need to concentrate. The more number of multiplier you got, the highest score you’re going to have.

Use Hover Boards – Hover Boards are provided in starting and you can also purchase it from store. Anytime while running you think like you’re going to get into any obstacle then just double tap immediately and you’ll be on Hover Board for 30 seconds. Now in case you meet with an accident then you’ll not die and this is how you’re going to make a longer run which means higher score.

So friends, these were the few things you can do to get Subway Surfers high score easily. Hope you like my advice and find it easier to use them. Let me know what your highest score is.