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What Does a New Website Cost?

Creating a site that can not only generate enough returns to sustain any type of online business but recover capital overheads requires deliberation. One of the best ways is to decide on the cost factor for a brand new site and then deliberate on the best building platform. Usually, a professional development provider, like 1and1 website building software keeps overheads low because it doubles as a creation tool and hosting platform, which cuts the following starting costs:

The Startup Costs

© Phil Ashley/Photodisc/Thinkstock
© Phil Ashley/Photodisc/Thinkstock

Generally, every site must have features, such as text and video templates, programming scripts, image templates, content fonts and basic layout essentials. These are what encapsulate the startup costs. Generally, with as low as 1500 dollars, it is possible to get all these features, in a targeted way that is relevant to the specific niche of the site. However, with a site builder, costs can reduce due to:

All design elements are available in one package, including layout, graphical, social media and audiovisual controls. With a few extra coins, one can incorporate plug-ins such as those of flash video to make the site fully up-to-date.

The Intermediate Design Price Range

A new site cannot become a money-making machine, which is, of course, the original premise of a webmaster without being unique. This is where the costs of optimizing the basic design templates come up. Usually, a fresh site with all intermediate design features is accessible from about 5000 dollars, give or take. It has all the basic web development and layout features as the above section has highlighted, with these extra specifications: Its web portfolio, which presents all the niche-related information such as an online company’s history, products and news, has undergone augmentation by a professional designer. It has also received polishing to make it brand-specific. This means the incorporation of new colors that reflect the company. The webpage also contains all plug-ins of an e-Commerce webpage including shopping carts. While the above processes are possible through custom software, they will need monitoring from a professional designer.

Costs for a Fully Optimized Site with Content

Finally, one can have a site that has all functional, e-commerce and marketing elements, in one, starting at around 8000 dollars. Because content is king, and is perhaps the only item that one has to generate exclusively through manual means, most of the costs here will have to go to the content generators. Luckily, there are many outsource firms that provide top-notch content that can help to complement existing design features to help the webpage gain visibility. Other content optimization particulars include:

  • The site requires a searchable presence through page layout, video optimization and key phrase optimization.
  • Social media widgets, including plug-ins also help to map the site to a greater audience, at an extra cost.


Creating a new site requires the services of designers, automated site builders that provide templates, and content providers. Cost for constructing one can go to as low as a thousand Sterling Pounds but with the right hosting environment, they can reduce drastically. One should also note that the more advanced features there are, the higher the price range becomes but with the exception of the pages being high quality and attractive to visitors.