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How to Change Facebook Color & Theme [Chrome & Firefox]

Facebook users have got lots of demands and they want to do lots of unique things on their beloved social networking junction. One demand which is pretty much common in most of the Facebook users is, how to change Facebook color and theme.

If you search on Facebook for this, then you’re not going to find any official way to change FB color and theme but still there is a genuine way which I’m going to share with you here. While doing this thing, please note that the method I’m sharing here is completely genuine and got no negative effects but there are lots of methods which can be found easily which got negative effects. Following such methods may result into account hacked or any other illegal activity with your account.

how to change Facebook color and theme

How to Change Facebook Color & Theme

Facebook has been available only in blue color theme since it has been made live. You’re going to find most of the things in blue color only on Facebook but lots of users want to change its color from blue to pink or any other.

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For Chrome Users

If you’re using Chrome web browser then you need to follow the simple steps mentioned below and you’re going to change FB color from blue to any other easily.

Change Facebook color Chrome

  1. Start Google Chrome and follow this link. It will lead you to one app which you need to install on your Google Chrome.
  2. Click on “+ FREE” button at the top right corner and this app will be added on your Google Chrome within few seconds.
  3. In the search bar of Chrome at right side corner, you’re going to find a ‘F’ logo. Open your Facebook account and then click that logo.
  4. A sub menu will open up and you can easily change the color of the Facebook to any other. You can even change the font of Facebook and complete theme.

On Google Chrome, you can easily change FB color from blue to any other and also FB blue font to other.

Change Facebook color on Firefox

Firefox users can only change background color from white to any other color option available. This is limitation for Firefox users. Still you wish to see Facebook in other background then follow steps mentioned below.

Change Facebook color on Firefox

  1. Start Firefox and follow this link to get to the extension.
  2. Click on “+ Add to Firefox” and within few seconds the extension will get added to the Firefox.
  3. Start Facebook account and you can change background by accessing that extension from the icon located at bar at bottom.

That’s it!

This is how you can change Facebook color & theme to any other you want. I also shared tutorial on change FB color on Firefox and Chrome which are the two most popular web browser. Share this genuine way to change FB color with your Facebook friends guys.