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Download Pocket APK for Android – Keep Content Saved and Read Later

Hello friends, you must have heard about Pocket app which was earlier known by ‘Read It Later’ and here I’m going to share guide using which you’ll be able to download Pocket APK for Android for free.

Many times it happens that we are reading any article on any website or an app or watching our favorite or recently launched videos on YouTube or at any other app or website and we get into some other work. That video or content we were reading that time is lost in between our daily work.

Download Pocket APK for Android Free

But the app I’m going to share here will help you to come out of this problem. Pocket app allows users to save the content or video or whatever they are reading or viewing over internet and read or view it later.

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Pocket for Android – Review

The Pocket app provides a feature which I’ve already described. As it name suggests, it’s a pocket where you can keep articles, videos, pictures or any other website or app content.

The app asks you to create your free account using which your data is synchronized. You can install Pocket on Chrome, Android and on other smartphones as well and with your common account you can find content saved from anywhere.

The UI of the app is extremely simple and saving content is extremely easy. The app even allows social network tools using which users can share the content they saved in Pocket.

At time when you’re about to view the content stored earlier, Pocket offers two options. You can either view it within Pocket or you can also visit the website or app itself. In most of the cases, you can find the first option working very well as it supports rich format viewing.

Pocket APK Download for Android Free

Pocket app works with almost every app on your Android smartphone or tablet and you can easily save content from any app. It off course supports the web browser app.

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Download Pocket APK for Android Free

You can download Pocket APK for Android for free and use it to install the latest version of this app. You can also share this APK file with your friends and they can also install the app in their Android devices.

Pocket APK Download for Android Free

So friends this is how you can get Pocket Android APK free download. Do share this guide with your friends over Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.