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Angry Birds Rio APK Free Direct Download

Angry Birds Rio game is out and it’s the latest version of this very popular and addictive game series. I’m going to share Angry Birds Rio APK free direct download in this guide here so that you can install the latest version of this game on any of your compatible Android device.

Angry Birds Rio game story is based on the movie Rio which was a super hit movie by Motion Picture. This game of Angry Birds has got something common with that movie. All the birds have been caged and taken to the city of Rio de Janeiro where they have to save two of their friends, Blue and Jewel by fighting and clearing all the levels.

Download Angry Birds Rio APK for Android

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About Angry Birds Rio Game

As I mentioned earlier that this is the latest edition of Angry Birds games so you’re definitely going to get high definition and rich graphics along with some new challenging levels to complete.

The game is based on a story which I’ve already described but the main concept of the game still remains the same. You’ve to pull the birds that are angry over pigs and you need to destroy all of them to rescue your friends.

There are over 240 new levels in the game and additional bonus pack of 48 levels. Each level is different and need different physic logic to be applied to earn all stars after completing the level.

There are special power ups in the game which are in the form of special fruits. You’re going to earn them by a lot of practice.

Angry Birds Rio APK Free Direct Download

You should play this game to learn all the facts and techniques in this newer version. The game play still remains same so you won’t find much trouble in learning this game.

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Angry Birds Rio APK Free Direct Download

You can download Angry Birds Rio APK for Android from the link mentioned below. Using this file you can install this game on any compatible Android device.

Download Angry Birds Rio APK for Android

This was the guide, I hope you really enjoy this version of Angry Birds game. Do share this guide with your friends over Facebook, Twitter or Google+ so that they can also download Angry Birds Rio APK for free.