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Download Kingsoft Office APK for Android for free

There is need to write or edit the documents on the go which gave rise to smartphones in which we can do most of our office work on the go. The main things apart from smartphone needed to do this thing is a right app which got easier UI and all powerful tool using which users can edit the documents easily.

As Android is the most popular smartphone platform so there are lots of office apps available on its app store i.e. Google play store. I’m here today with one such app called Kingsoft Office. It’s a popular office app and you can do almost all kinds of editing on the go with its free version. I’m here with a guide that will share features of this app and will also let you download Kingsoft Office APK for Android for free. I’m going to share here about Kingsoft Office 5.9.1 APK version.

Kingsoft Office 5.9.1 APK for Android

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Features of Kingsoft Office 5.9.1 APK for Android

Following are the features of Kingsoft Office APK for Android that you can download for free from the direct link mentioned at the end.

The app provides four main types of office document editing tools. The four main of which I’m talking here are PDF, presentation, writer and spreadsheets.

The writer let you write or edit any word document. The word documents here will work with the older version of MS Office but the latest version of that can also handle them easily. You can easily write any story or article, add pictures, format characters and do lot of different customizations as well. I’ve personally used this app for writing articles for my clients while I’m not at home or office and my experience with this app was always good.

download Kingsoft Office APK for Android for free

Users can create spreadsheets and maintain any excel data easily. You’re going to find all basic (not all) tools that can let you edit any excel sheet or create a new one.

The major feature of this Kingsoft Office is that it also let users to create presentations which can be played over Wi-Fi as well. The presentations which can be created with Kingsoft Office are very powerful and you’re definitely going to love this tool if you do presentations many times in a month.

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Other features Kingsoft Office provides is support for PDF format but it only let users read those files (no editing). The UI of whole app is extremely easy and elegant. Users can even zoom in or zoom out in any document.

Download Kingsoft Office APK for Android for free

You can download Kingsoft Office for Android APK for free from the below mentioned direct link.

Free Kingsoft Office APK for Android Download

So friends, this was the guide and direct download link to get Kingsoft Office APK for Android for free. Do share this with your friends over Facebook.