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Download and Install Gulel Shoot Gir’s Fruits on PC

During our childhood you may have played a game with gulel. Gulel is an instrument of V shape and the two ends are tied to a rubber or elastic which is stretchable. You can keep any obstacle like a small stone or paper sphere and can shoot to any target. The same game can be played now on your Android device or on your PC.

Gulel Shoot Girl’s Fruits is the name of the game available for Android devices for free and I’ll share the features of this game along with the tutorial on how to download and install Gulel Shoot Girl’s Fruits on PC.

download Gulel Shoot Girl's Fruits for PC

First I’m starting with the features of this game. If you’re searching for a unique game till now then this game can end your search for a while.

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Features of Gulel Shoot Girl’s Fruits Android game

I’m first describing the features of Gulel Shoot Girl’s Fruits Android game so that you can know what this game all about. If you’ve already played this game in your childhood then you’re already aware of most of this game features but in case if you haven’t played this game then you must go through the following part.

In this game you need to pick your Gulel and shoot the fruits which are being carried by the birds. A girl is with you and she wants to have all those fruits. Now you need to make sure that you help her to get all the fruits being carried away by the birds.

Birds are flying high in the sky with the fruits. Each bird has got one fruit and you need to shoot the fruit part to make sure that bird leaves the fruit which is later picked up by the girl down there.

The graphics of the gamer are superb and it make use of the physics laws effectively. You only need to concentrate on shooting at the right place as you got limited chances of shooting.

download and install Gulel Shoot Girl's Fruits on PC

You can compare this game to Angry Birds but in this game you need to point a moving object while in Angry Birds you can shoot at any place you wish.

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The game allows you to submit your score so that you can compare that easily with your friends playing this game.

Download and Install Gulel Shoot Girl’s Fruits on PC

You need to follow the simple steps mentioned down here in order to download Gulel Shoot Girl’s Fruits for PC.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks app player on your PC first. You can get it for free from here.
  2. Search for Gulel Shoot Girl’s Fruits Android game using the search tool of BlueStacks.
  3. Download and install the game once you found it.

That’s all you need to do to download Gulel Shoot Girl’s Fruits for PC. Share this guide with your friends over Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.