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Best Free Antivirus for Windows in 2014 [Top 5]

Antivirus needs to be there on every PC if it is used to be connected to interne or it has been connected with lots of mass storage devices on the daily or weekly basis. Antivirus program helps a PC to be safe from viruses and malwares. I’m today here with a guide on best free antivirus for Windows in 2014.

The antivirus you keep on your PC must be updated with the latest version otherwise it may not be able to provide the protection and if it’s not providing the protection then why to keep that on our PC.

When it comes to an antivirus, although it provides security features but it got a negative feature associated with itself it i.e. it makes the PC performance slower than usual.

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5 Best Free Antivirus for Windows 2014

This is the reason why you should always choose among the best antivirus for Windows otherwise the antivirus you selected may count on the performance of your PC. I’m mentioning top 5 best free antivirus for Windows here which are updated in 2014.

Following are the best antivirus free for Windows in 2014. You can download any of them and use it as the free security provider. Although it is advisable and recommended to keep a paid version of the antivirus as free versions do not provide complete protection.

AVG AntiVirus Free 2014

You can download AVG AntiVirus Free 2014 from the official website of it and it will be installed within few seconds. Once it is there on your PC then it will update its virus database and then it will start protecting your PC.

Best Free Antivirus for Windows 2014 - AVG AntiVirus FREE

The user interface it provides to the users to interact with its tools is very simple and elegant. No other antivirus has got such an elegant user interface. The UI is also very simple to use and you won’t find any trouble or need to learn using it.

It provides tons of features for free but to get all the security features then you need to buy the protection plan from it. AVG is known as the best antivirus program developer around the world and right now it is at the number one position. It is optimized for Windows 8 PC as well.

AVAST Free Antivirus 2014

This is next big name in the antivirus industry. It has been there for the users since many years and it has been recently updated to the 2014 version. You can download it for free from its official website and it will provide all special security features for free.

Best Free Antivirus for Windows 2014 - Avast

It also got cleaner, simple and elegant user interface and also optimized for Windows 8 PCs, though you need to buy a plan for getting complete protection.

Malwarebytes 2014

This is another Windows PC protection software which you can download for free and use it for any period of time. Its virus database has been updated to 2014 and you can get basic protection plans for free. It is the number one anti malware software till now.

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Ad-Aware 11

This Ad-Aware 11 antivirus has got very simple and clean user interface and you’ll find lots of security features activated for free. You can download its latest version for free.

Ad-Aware 11

COMODO Antivirus

This is another recommended software which you can use to provide protection to your Windows PC. It provides performance top up features as well which is new in an antivirus. You can get it for free.