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Best Web browser for Windows in 2014 [Top 5]

Web Browser is a program or software using which users can surf the internet. This software needs to be installed once in a PC and then it provides its service to access internet. It is capable of reading web pages written in web programming languages like HTML, .NET, PHP and it is also capable to read JavaScripts. I’m here today with best web browser for Windows in 2014.

Web browser is available mostly free and I’ve not heard of any paid version of a web browser yet. Since last three years there has been lots of new web browser came into existence but earlier it was always a war between Internet Explorer of Microsoft and Firefox of Mozilla Corporation.

5 Best Web browsers for Windows 2014

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5 Best Web browsers for Windows 2014

But in 2014, users got lots of options and which clearly means that it is very easy to get confused between which web browsers to use. I’m mentioning down here the list with little information/details of 5 best web browsers for Windows 2014. If you’re looking for web browser for Windows 8 then all 5 mentioned down here can be your options.

Google Chrome

No other web browser can beat it in competition. Google has developed it and it has been coded on the Chromium source code (open source). It is simple, very clean, very easy to use and elegant as well. It is integrated with all Google Services like Gmail, Drive, Google Maps, etc.

Best Web browser for Windows in 2014 - Google Chrome

It uses latest version of software and internet technologies to provide fastest web browsing speed to the users but it count too much on the performance of PC which is its only disadvantage.

You can download it for free and it updates automatically whenever there is any newer version of it is available. It never ask you to update it, this is another good feature.

It also got Chrome store where you can find thousands of apps and extensions which are ready to be used and to increase functionality of the Google Chrome. In one word, there is no competition to this web browser.

Mozilla Firefox

It has been available before Google Chrome and it is the only one which can compete well against Chrome. It is fast, simple, reliable, elegant and got anything you’re looking for in a web browser.

It is available for free and it also doesn’t count on the performance too much which is its advantage over Chrome. If you want to keep Firefox as your web browser just because it was there before Chrome then it only depends on you.

web browser for Windows 8 - Firefox

Torch Web Browser

If you want download manager, social sharing options and few other features included by default in your web browser then you need to try this out. Torch web browser is right now the best alternative to Chrome and Firefox and it is available for free.

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It has been developed on the same source code as of Google Chrome i.e. Chromium source code and I’m sure you’re going to like its UI and every other features.


This is another option which you can try. It is fast, reliable, simple and provides all other features provided by all above listed web browsers. It is also available for free.

IE or Safari

Last 5th option is a tie. You can either use latest version of Internet Explorer or Safari web browser. If your PC is not supporting IE 10 or 11 version then it is better to use Safari web browser which is developed by Apple Corporation.