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Best 3 Tips for Speeding up your Android device (Phone & Tablet)

We all have smartphones these days and as you’re here so I’m pretty sure that you’re having an Android one. Chances may be that you’re having an Android tablet too and you’re not happy with the performance you’re getting from it.

You want to speed up your Android phone or tablet. I’m here with 3 best tips for speeding up your Android device. You need to go through the guide down here and you’ll end up with speeding up Android phone or tablet.

Tips for Speeding up your Android device

Tips for Speeding up your Android device

The 3 best tips I’m going to share here will require only 5-10 minutes and you’ll see results instantly after finishing things mentioned to do in this guide here.

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Use task manager & clean cache

Each Android smartphone or tablet comes with a native feature called multi tasking using which users can run more apps together without need to close already running before. In case if you’re running two more apps together on your Android device then it can make your device run slower unless you’re having a high end smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S4.

This is where you need to make use of task manager provided with your smartphone or tablet. Make sure of that and kill or remove all the running apps which you’re not using at the instant. This will free CPU resources and storage and you’ll find increase in performance. Next thing you need to do is to clear cache of each app installed on your smartphone.

You can do it manually for each app by moving into Settings > Apps > particular app or you can install cache cleaner app like App Cache Cleaner to do that automatically for you. This is how cache storage of your device will be freed and you’ll find increase in performance instantly. This first step can take 1-2 minutes depending on your usage.

Remove unused apps

This is the next thing you need to do. Find out which apps are there on your Android device and which you’re not using right now or from a long period of time.

You need to remove or uninstall those apps from Settings of your phone or tablet. This is how you’ll make storage and CPU resources free from those unused apps and this is how you’ll find increase in speed of your phone or tablet.

speed up Android phone or tablet instantly

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Remove widgets & app shortcuts

Each new app after being installed creates its shortcut or widget on the home screen. This particular thing can make your device work slower a little bit. You need to remove them instantly as you can launch any app from the app launcher or menu of your device.

So friends, following these best 3 tips can speed up Android phone or tablet instantly and this whole process will require about 5-10 minutes only. Do share this guide with your friends on Facebook who are also using Android devices.