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5 Best Free Car Racing Games for Android You can Play

Car racing games have been all time favorite of most of the gamers or PC users around the world. During my childhood I was fond of playing NFS (Need for Speed) a lot but now I like playing games on my Android tablet (we all do). I’m going to share 5 best free car racing games for Android which you can play.

If you search for best car racing game on the Google play store then you may not find all the quality games available there so I’m mentioning down here all 5 best free car racing Android games.

5 Best Free Car Racing Games for Android You can Play

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5 Best Free Car Racing Games for Android

I’ve played all these games and they got superb graphics and game play. Also take a note that all these games are huge in size so it will be better to download then using the Wi-Fi instead of spoiling your data pack.

CSR Racing

When you’ll see this game on the Google play store then you’ll find that it has got Editor’s Choice batch which clearly shows how better this game. This is the only car racing game which has got this batch till now.

CSR Racing

The game size is approx 250MB and you can expect the better quality of graphics in it. You’ll feel like you’re playing a PC version of the game right on your Android smartphone or tablet but make sure that your device has got at least Dual-Core CPU along with 1GB of RAM and free internal storage of about 400MB.

You’ll find all licensed cars in the game and all kinds of racing events which you’ve earlier experienced in a PC version game like NFS. You’ll not find a single thing which is not good in this game.

Real Racing 3

This is the second best free car racing Android game and it also got real tracks, real cars and real players. This game can be played online with your real friends and this is the most impressive feature of it.

Real Racing 3- Best Free Car Racing Android Game

Graphics of the game are superb and you’re definitely going to love it and the game play consists of all possible racing events (1000s of them are there).

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If you’re still not satisfied and want some more best free Android car racing games then you should look for anyone out of the below mentioned three.

  1. Drag Racing
  2. GT Racing 2 The Real Car Exp
  3. Fast & Furious 6 The Game

Do let me know which one you’ve played and how they are. Share this guide on 5 best free car racing game for Android with your friends so that they can also know about these gems.