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Top 5 Best Endless Running Android Games to Play in 2014

The gaming love for Android games started with the basic games and later it went on to the endless running games. Temple Run was the first one to get popular and everyone went crazy for it. In fact there were lots of users who bought Android smartphones due to these games only. As its 2014 now so I’m going to share top 5 Best endless running Android games to play in 2014.

There are lots of new apps being available every week on the Google play store but finding best of them is a tough job as Google play store still lacks way behind than iTunes app store in terms of quality of apps.

Top 5 Best Endless Running Android Games to Play in 2014

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5 Best Endless Running Android Games 2014

Following are the 5 best endless running games for Android which you should play in 2014. Chances are that you may have played them already in 2013 but there is no new game released which I can recommend you.

Subway Surfers

This game is oldest one but still got millions of active users due to its one feature. That feature is Subway Surfers is kept up to date and after each one/two months it receives a new update with new objectives. The game recently updated to its 17th version and now you can play the game in the city of Mumbai (India).

Subway Surfers - Best Endless Running Android Game 2014

The graphics, game play, sound effects and everything of the Subway Surfers are awesome and you’ll definitely going to find it as the best time killer. It’s available for free on Google play store.

Temple Run: Oz

Temple Run team met the Disney developers and thus came out a marvelous game named Temple Run Oz. The game is a paid one but it got impressive graphics and very new challenging levels to accomplish.

There are lots of characters in the game and you should start playing it instantly if you’re waiting for the best version of endless game. You’ll find graphics and game similar to the movie Oz which was produced by Disney and released last year.

Temple Run Oz - 5 Best Endless Running Android Game 2014

Rail Rush

This is a new kind of endless running but in this game you won’t be running. In Rail Rush you’ll be riding on a little van that will take you inside the caves where you need to collect coins and also look for precious stones and gems.

The game has got superb graphics and very tough game play. You’ll find hard in starting to complete each level in the game and that’s what the main power of the game. It’s available for free on Google play store.


Have you seen Parkour racing in movies or in real life? If yes or not, get ready now to experience that different type of racing in the game. Vector is very popular and very different type of endless running game.

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The graphics and sound effects are superb and will keep you addicted for longer easily. There are lots of fresh Parkour moves which the game will teach you. It’s available in both free and paid versions on Google play store.

Temple Run 2

This game is old but still didn’t lose its charm. Temple Run 2 still receives tons of download and available on the Google play store for free. It’s the second installment of the most popular and first endless running game, Temple Run.

These were the 5 best endless running Android games to play in 2014. Let me know which one is your favorite one and why.