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Top 5 Shooting Android Games to Play in 2014

In order to sharpen your skills you should start playing top 5 best shooting Android games. I’m going to share here only the free shooting Android games that you can play in 2014. There are lots of such games available on the Google play store but it will be tough for you to find better games.

Lots of time it happens that you download a game and at the end it you don’t find the game worth. Every game on the Google play writes that its best in its description but in practical it may not be true.

5 Best Shooting Android Games 2014

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5 Best Shooting Android Games 2014

In order to help you out in this particular situation, I’m sharing here the 5 best shooting games for Android which you should play in 2014 and once you go through this guide you won’t need to look at Google play store. Following are the top 5 best shooting games for Android in 2014.


DEER HUNTER is a very popular shooting game available for free on the Google play store but recently a newer version came out named DEER HUNTER 2014 which is also available for free. The game has got superb graphics and game play is awesome.

You’ll be traveling from North America to Central Africa forests in the game and you’ve to show your best shooting skills. You need to target mainly the DEER but there will be lots of other animals too which you can shoot to grab additional points.


No other Android shooting game can beat the complexity of this game. FRONTLINE COMMANDO is the number one Android shooting game but it’s from 2013 that’s why I kept it at number second here.

It got superb graphics and very complex game play. There are lots of stages in the game and tons of weapons to choose from. You’ve to select the mission and then go on hunting for the terrorists who have conquered over cities.



DEAD TRIGGER is a zombie killing game in which zombies will be coming for you to eat you up and make them as they are but luckily you’ve got tons of weapons like gun, grandes, knife, etc and now you need to use them kill as many zombies as you can.

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Graphics of the game are very deadly and the zombies are coming very fast at you so you need to show best of your skills and get active all the time. You must play this if you love games with zombie’s background.


Critical Strike Portable

If you’re looking for a counter strike like game to play on your Android smartphone or tablet then you should play Critical Strike Portable right now. The graphics are very similar to the counter strike and the game play is also awesome.


Six-Guns Best Shooting Android Game 2014

Six-Guns is the best shooting game and the best feature in it is that it supports multiplayer. There are lots of new weapons added in this game and you can play it with your real friends online.