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Download Lomo Camera for PC – Install and Use Android app on PC

Android’s app store i.e. Google play has got lots of impressive apps which you may look to install on your Windows PC but they are not available officially for Windows PC. Today I’m going to share a guide with you here that will let you download Lomo Camera for PC. The Lomo Camera is a very popular app on the Google play store.

The app has got lots of impressive features and it can easily replace the default camera app of your Android smartphone. But due to the unique special effects provided by this app you may wish to use it on your PC so that you can edit photos lying on the hard disk.

Lomo Camera Android app

The app is totally worth and you should give it a try for once. I’m going to share all of its features with screen shots down here so that you can know what you’re going to experience while using this app.

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Features of Lomo Camera Android app

Following are the features of Lomo Camera Android app that you’re going to install on your PC or you may use it on your Android device for the first time.

If you’re using this app on your Android device then this app will replace the default camera app of your phone and using it you’ll be able to snap unique looking pictures. The special effects will be added instantly as you’ll take the picture and this particular feature makes this app very popular among its users.

How to Download Lomo Camera for PC

There are lots of special effects options in the app which can be used to add a perfect unique touch to every picture you want to edit or you got. You can take square photos using the similar named feature or you can tilt any picture a little bit on both of the sides using this camera app.

There is one funnier feature in the app named Fish Eye. The app will warn you not to use this app with your friend’s faces but I’ll insist you to do so if you wish to laugh a lot on the faces of your friends.

Download Lomo Camera for PC

One more impressive feature which I personally liked the most is that you can take 4 pictures simultaneously and the app will combine them in one common picture.

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How to Download Lomo Camera for PC

In order to download Lomo Camera for PC you need to follow the simple steps as mentioned down here. You’ll be able to use only the special effects features of this app and you can use them to add unique effects on the pictures saved on your PC.

  1. Download BlueStacks app player first on your PC and install it. You can download it from here.
  2. Use the search tool of BlueStacks to find out Lomo Camera Android app.
  3. Download and install the app once you found it.

That’s it! This is all you need to do to download Lomo Camera for PC.

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