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5 Google Apps You Should Start Using Now on Android Device

We all love Google because of its simplicity and contribution in making internet a better and safe home for us to find information regarding any topic. In case you’re using an Android device then Google has developed lots of quality apps which you should start using. I’m sharing here 5 Google apps you should start using now.

The 5 apps I’m going to share here are worth and you will start using them for sure. You will not just love using those apps but you will also share them with rest of the world.

Google Apps you Should Start Using Now (Android)

The 5 Android apps I’ll share here are worth and chances are there that you’ll find new apps in the list here.

Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep is the best note taking app where you can write notes and save as per the time and date details. You can easily create a to-do list and can save it with time and date details. The app will remind you of the list and the note on time and this is how it can help you remember lots of things easily.

The app has got very simple user interface and you’re definitely going to find it easier to use. You can easily put colors to the notes and to-do lists to distinguish them. Start using them if you got a habit of forgetting things.

Car Home

This particular app is useful when you’re inside the car. It will turn into a remote with certain icons of some useful apps which we usually use while driving.

Car Home

Using this app you can easily make calls, receive them or text back to any person while driving. You can start navigation and listen to favorite music. There are lots of things you can do easily without removing concentration from driving.

Google Gesture Search

This particular app is my favorite one. You can install this app and start searching on internet and on your phone using the gestures only. This is a very simple app and works like charm. I’m sure you’ll get addicted of using it.

Google Authenticator

You can protect your account from hacking by using Google authenticator app on your Android device. You can start the 2-step authentication feature on your Google account and this app will help you to use that feature even on your Android device.

Google Goggles

This particular app is amazing. You can take snap of any picture, item or any other thing which you’re seeing in the real world and the app will provide details related to that.

5 Google Apps You Should Start Using Now on Android Device

Like you’ve snapped picture of some painting but don’t know its origin and other details then this app will provide that. It can also help you in reading text written on the boards and translate in your native language. It’s a must have app during tour.