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5 Best Launcher Android app in 2014 – Change look of your device

Android is getting more popular than iOS because it offers more customization features than that. It allows users to change the complete look of your device easily. The apps which can change the complete look of your device’s software i.e. user interface is known as launcher apps and I’m sharing down here the 5 best launcher Android apps in 2014.

Launcher apps are available on the Google play store for free and also as paid apps and you can easily install them to change the complete user interface of your phone.

5 Best Launcher Android Apps 2014

5 Best Launcher Android Apps 2014

Using these launcher Android apps is easy and safe so you don’t need to worry about the security of your phone. Following are the best Android launcher apps in 2014.

GO Launcher EX

If you search for the number one launcher app then the GO Launcher EX is the one which has got most ratings and reviews on the Google play store. It is the simplest and most elegant launcher app.

GO Launcher EX

It provides a clean, clear and elegant user interface. You’ll find using your Android smartphone still easier and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the UI design and the icon design of menu items. There are lots of special widgets provided by this app at which it is capable of attracting more users.

Nova Launcher

You can change the color themes if using Nova Launcher. The overall user interface which is changed using this app is clearly. The app puts a transparency in the whole user interface of your phone and you’re definitely going to love this particular feature.

Scroll effect is the one which is mine favorite and its widget collection is simply awesome. I’m sure you’re going to use this launcher app for longer than any other. Its background wallpapers are also awesome.

Holo Launcher

Holo Launcher is popular because of its impressive icon designs of the favorite tools in the menu of your device. Gestures are supported by this app and which makes it easier to use the device.

Users can not only change the overall look of their smartphone or tablet but they can even create a backup and restore using that. The customization features offered by this app is above any other launcher app and this is the reason why this one is the most talked about launcher Android app.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher provides a perfect black theme based user interface and you’re definitely going to find that better if you love black color the most. If you’re having a Nexus 7 tablet then you should have this app installed as it works best on that.

Apex Launcher

Smart Launcher

As the name suggests, it’s the smart launcher. The menu drawer app icons you’ll find after installing this launcher app is superb and they are the most impressive one.

You can easily change the single icon of any setting and you don’t need to pay anything for that. Using this launcher app you can even hide any particular app from the drawer.