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How to Download and Play Balance 3D on Windows Computer?

Balance 3D game on the Google Play store is for free and I’m going to share its features with you down here along with a simple guide on how to download Balance 3D for PC and play this game on Windows computer for free.

The game is getting popular day by day and if you’re bored of playing all popular and common games then you should try playing this. I’m pretty sure you’ll get addicted to this simple but interesting game.

Balance 3D features

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Balance 3D features

Balance 3D game is available completely as free to play and following are its features. You can go through them in order to know about the game.

Get ready to visit a complete unexpected world in this game. The complete graphics are designed in 3D mode and they are of average quality. Perfectly matching sound effects are also there in the game and these are the first prime features which make it very addictive.

The game can be played using the front camera of your phone and PC as well. You can control the ball in the game using your hand moves and the arrow keys. You can play it using traditional virtual joysticks as well which are there in every touch based game.

Download Balance 3D for PC

There is a sphere ball in the game which you need to run through the unexpected world. There are lots of obstacles in the way by which you need to make it safer and also there are lots of power-ups things which you can use to help you out.

You need to make sure that the ball reaches a longer distance that will give you a high score. There are about 31 levels in the game and game developers are continuously adding newer ones. Newer levels are coming each month so keep the app updated.

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Download Balance 3D for PC

You need to follow the steps shared down here in order to download Balance 3D for PC. In case you get error during installation then you need to update the graphics drivers of your PC to their latest version and retry the installation.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks first on your PC. You can get it for free from here.
  2. Start BlueStacks and use its search tool to search for Balance 3D game.
  3. Download and install the game once you found it.

That’s it! This is all you need to do to get Balance 3D for PC download. Do share this guide with your social network friends.