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How to Download Talking Angela for Windows Computer for Free

How about chatting with a 3D cartoon character on your mobile phone or on PC? I’m not kidding as you need to have Talking Angela Android app to do so. Here is a guide on how to download Talking Angela for PC using which you can install this app on your computer.

To install the same app on any other Android phone or tablet you need to download the app from the Google Play store. The Talking Angela app is there for free and already got millions of downloads.

Talking Angela app features

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Talking Angela app features

Following are the features of Talking Angela Android app which I’m sharing today with you down here. The app is very popular and you can read the following part of the guide to know more about it.

The very first impressive feature I’m going to share with you of Talking Angela app is that you can chat with her. You can either write the thing you want to talk or you can even speak. She actually answers whatever you ask from her and this is the most impressive and fantastic entertaining feature this app offers to the users.

Actually Angela is a super cat who looks very cute and attractive and it can talk to you, dance, eat, change cloths, can do beauty make ups and tons of other things which can’t imagine right now. Its user interface is very simple and you’ll learn how to use all of its features instantly after installing that on your computer.

There is a Gift option, press that to gift the Angela either drinks or accessories or cloths or makeup kits using which she can not only react accordingly but can also make you feel entertained. This is the reason why this app is so popular among Android users.

There is a heart button, press that to care for her and she will in return will read your fortune cookie of the day. There are lots of other options too like Coat Hanger where you can find cloths for her.

download Talking Angela for PC

The most impressive feature is that you can tap on ‘Face’ option to launch the front facing camera. Once it starts then whatever you do on the camera, Angela will repeat that for you like yawning, smile, head shaking, etc.

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It can listen to whatever you’re speaking and your friends or family relatives are speaking and will repeat it after you in a funny voice. This feature is just like Talking Tom and it’s again sounds funny.

Download Talking Angela for PC

In order to download this app on your computer you need to follow the sets of instructions as shared down here.

  1. First download and install Talking Angela on your computer for free. You can find it over here.
  2. Start BlueStacks and use its search tool to find Talking Angela app.
  3. Download and install the app once you found it.

That’s it! This is all you need to do to download Talking Angela for PC and I’m sure you’re definitely going to love using it.