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How to Get Indian Rummy for PC Download by Octro (Windows)

If you’re a big fan of rummy game which is played of cards then you should try out this Indian Rummy Android app available on the Google Play store for free. I’m going to share a guide here on how to download Indian Rummy for PC so that you can also play this game on your computer for free. You can also get it installed on any compatible Android device easily.

I’m going to start this guide with first sharing the features of this game and later you can find the tutorial which is extremely simple to follow.

Indian Rummy Game features

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Indian Rummy Game features

As you must be knowing (if you’re a regular reader of Tecnigen) that I’m not good at cards games neither I’m aware of major rules to go with to win those card matches. But I can still share features of this Indian Rummy Android game so that you can know what this game all about.

The very first and most impressive feature of Indian Rummy Android game is that you can join in the game server and can start playing this epic card game with your real friends. Yes, you all can join the servers and start playing the game from the beginning with your real friends. So the fun of playing it just becomes double.

Easier user interface and the game play instructions helps newbies and also pro gamers to learn how to play rummy game here and how to prove yourself as the biggest winner and master of this rummy cards. Proper sound effects are also there to further increase the game playing experience.

Download Indian Rummy for PC

You’ll be offered lots of free coins each day so that you always got money to invest. If you need help anytime you can ask for that but don’t dream of doing any sort of cheating here. If you’re fed up of one or two friends doing cheating in real-time rummy game then it’s time to challenge them in this Indian Rummy game developed by Octro.

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Download Indian Rummy for PC

In order to download Indian Rummy for PC you need to follow the simple steps I’m sharing down here. The three steps will be extremely easier for you to follow but if you get an error during installation then you need to upgrade the graphics drivers of your PC first and then restart the installation again.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your Windows PC first. You can get it for free from here.
  2. Start BlueStacks and use its search tool to find Indian Rummy Android game.
  3. Download and install the game once you found it.

That’s it! Now you can start playing the game once its downloaded completely. I hope you share this guide on how to download Indian Rummy for PC and its features with your social networks for sure.