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Free Download Zombie Away – Run! Run! Run! for PC Game on Windows 7/8

Hello friends, today I’m going to share one very basic but very addictive game with you which is there on the Google Play store with the name Zombie Away – Run! Run! Run! The game is there for free and developed by LazyBee Inc and you can find the game under Arcade category. Here is a guide that will let you free download Zombie Away for PC.

It had been downloaded thousands of times on Android devices and its soon going to be there as the most popular Android game. It was released this month only but still got listed into the top new free games on the Play store. I found it there and started playing. Now I’ve been playing it for hours on daily basis as it’s very addictive.

Zombie Away for PC

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Features of Zombie Away

Following are the features of Zombie Away Android game which you’re about to play on your computer for free. It’s a very addictive game (seriously) so don’t get into it if you care a lot for your precious time.

There are different zombies in there which are divided into characteristics according to their colors. White zombies are ordinary which are not as attacking as others. They simply roam around in a straight pat. Red zombies have got a blood color so they are more attacking in nature then the white ones. Blue zombies are not sure where they are going so you can’t know their actual path and you need to stay away from them. Last are the black zombies which continuously move around you and get attacking as time passes. One more surprising zombie named Mystery Potion is there whose characteristics can’t be known so they are the most dangerous.

Download Zombie Away - Run! Run! Run! for PC

Graphics of this game are of old times so don’t expect it to be HD in nature. It’s simple but very addictive as zombies are coming in big numbers and you need to find your way through them. You can get a special power while running to kill zombies but that’s a rare case.

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Download Zombie Away for PC

The game is very addictive and completely touch based. You can control the game via tilting your device or on PC you can do that with the help of your mouse. Now I’m sharing the three simple steps you need to follow to get Zombie Away for PC download and I hope you get it done easily.

  1. First get BlueStacks software downloaded on your computer and then install it. It can be get for free from here and its installation is very simple.
  2. Start BlueStacks and then use its search tool to find out Zombie Away Android game.
  3. Download and install the game once you found it in the search results.

This is all you need to do to download Zombie Away for PC and I hope you like this Run! Run! Run! Game a lot. It’s a new kind of endless running game and I hope you share this guide with your friends as well.