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Download Flipkart for PC – Windows Installation Guide

Flipkart is the number one online shopping portal in our country (India). Recently it was made available on the Google Play store via its free Android app and the number of users installed this app are in millions of numbers. If you want to use the same app on your computer (to save data because opening the site in browser consumes more data) then here is a guide on how to download Flipkart for PC.

This guide will let you install Flipkart Android application on your Windows computer without actually installing Android OS on your computer. Here I’m going to share features of this application first so that you can know what this app all about is and then you will come to know actual process to install this Android app on your Windows computer.


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Features of Flipkart Android app

This part will let you know the features of this app and the reason why you should start using this Android application on your computer rather than accessing Flipkart via its website.

It got a very decent and elegant user interface which can let you surf throughout every product and every corner of the Flipkart site. You can login with your user ID and start shopping. It got everything ready and secured perfectly.

It supports gestures which clearly mean that you can find out different products using simple gestures and this is how you can search for products easily. You can compare between two products easily by swiping and it’s a great feature to experience.

You should use this Android app of Flipkart on your computer because it will consume lesser bandwidth or data and you can save a lot of data on your internet pack. Another thing you are going to like is that Flipkart is offering lot of coupons and discounts for those users who are buying products using the Android app so you can opt for them easily from your computer now.

Download Flipkart for PC

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Download Flipkart for PC

The process by following which you will be able to do the installation is down here. You need to follow below mentioned three simple steps in order to download Flipkart for PC. Before starting, make sure that the graphics driver of your PC is up to date otherwise you may get error during the installation process.

  1. You need to first get BlueStacks installed on your computer and then install it. You can find it for free over here.
  2. Start the BlueStacks and then using its search tool, find out Flipkart Android app.
  3. Download and install the app once you found it in the search results.

That’s it! You’re done with the installation now and I’m sure that you will love playing it. I also hope that you share this guide on how to download Flipkart for PC.