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Top 8 free antivirus programmes for your Android smartphone or tablet

Unfortunately, it is quite easy nowadays to get viruses on your Android phone or tablet – even if you keep to all recommendations, and only install applications from the trustworthy sources. You probably know the last year’s story of Lookout Mobile Security experts having discovered 32 programmes on Google Play that contained viruses integrated as standard advertising! These virus containing programmes were downloaded more than nine million times, and guess what? – in most of the cases the users did not use antivirus programmes, or used the non-effective ones. It is apparently quite easy for the hackers to avoid their malware being spotted by the antiviruses for Android (see the proof in the research here ).


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Basically, the ten analysed antiviruses for Android OS stopped determining the viruses after the modification of the latter (such as encrypting, adding fragments, or even renaming the installation file!) That is why a good antivirus should contain a minimum of two modules: a scanner that checks the file by the command of the user once the file has already been uploaded, and a resident monitoring component that is located in the operation memory and constantly controls the changes in file system. The good news is that there is no necessity to purchase a very expensive antivirus for your smartphone or tablet: there are FREE antiviruses that perform the protection function perfectly!

Last year we published the reviews on some of the best antiviruses for  Android phone or tablet that can be downloaded and used free of charge. What is happening in the field of  data protection for Android OS now? Read below for the fresh reviews of the free antivirus prorgammes.


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1. Norton Mobile Security Lite Perhaps the most effective antivirus for Android OS as of now. It scans for viruses quick, and does not slow down your system much. However, there are very few settings of scanning that can be changed.

2. Antiy Labs AVL A less popular programme, but nevertheless the one that can surely be recommended. It analyses files effectively and has a very convenient interface with settings, help, updates, scanning reports, and other options. And it is also extremely fast!

3. TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security This antivirus has some additional features: a module of safe internet browsing, self-defense function, and the analysis of all installed applications for possible leakage of user’s data. This one is highly recommended even for the older models of phones as it is fast and takes little space.

4. Comodo Mobile Security This one is one of the most multi-functional applications, and can be adjusted to your needs. You might have known this antivirus programme under the name Comodo Antivirus Free. It has proven to be highly effective and very user-friendly!

5. Dr.Web Light Quite a good antivirus that is fast to scan files and applications, and it also has a quarantine module that stores the copies of threats just in case they had been removed by mistake.

6. Sophos Security & Antivirus This antivirus is one of the best as in quality of scanning, and it can also scan your USB sticks, as well as cloud services (the latter – using the Wi-Fi). Yet, it is very big in size compared to other programmes – roughly 27 Mb.

7. BitDefender Antivirus Free This free antivirus features an extremely simple interface – basically, it has one huge SCAN button, so even your granny can use it! However, it is very effective. It is also quite small in size – only 1.5 Mb.

8. Webroot Security & Antivirus (Free) This antivirus will require to create a free account that will enable you to view the statistical data of scanning online, and even find your device in case it gets lost. Webroot has an extremely simple interface and very few settings.

We hope that with the help of these small tips you will be able to keep your Android phone or tablet safe from all kinds of malicious software. Feel free to ask questions in the comments,  download free appplications from our website, and, by the way, steer clear of the desire to install all or several of these antiviruses – their components might conflict with each other!