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Download the best Android Emulator for PC (Windows 7/8 ; Mac) for free

If you cannot imagine going without your smartphone and are a fan of Android applications and games, you probably came up with a question whether and how it is possible to use the same apps on your PC – operating either on Mac or Windows. And the answers to these questions are: yes, it is possible, when you download a special Android Emulator for PC that will basically enable you to use whatever apps you like on your computer. From now on, enjoy your favourite games and other applications with convenience and for free!


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There are several Android Emulators that are effective used and get positive reviews from users, and here is our top favourite ones:

1) Virtual Box is perhaps the most well-known Android Emulator, and it is used primarily for Mac OS. It is free, and very easy to install.

2) BlueStacks is famous for its simplicity of installing and use, and you may download it for free. This emulator for Android apps can be used for both Mac and Windows OS computers. Some call this programme the best Android Emulator for a PC, so you might decide to find it out for yourself. You may download BlueStacks from their official website, however for processing with installation you will need to have a stable internet connection. Alternatively, you may download BlueStacks  by following this link – here you will get the setup file that will not require connection to the Internet for further installation. This offline installation setup of BlueStacks will run on Windows XP / VISTA / 7 / 8 OS.

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3) Jar of Beans – this Android Emulator was specifically created so that to enable users to play Jelly Bean games, which is often a problem with other programmes like this. So, fans of Jelly Beans, go on and try installing Jar of Beans!

4) YouWave helps search and install various Android applications and games, and this is premium software that can be used both for Windows 7/8 and Mac OS.

All of the Android Emulators described above are top quality and user friendly, so you may choose one of these for playing games and using apps on your computer. Please share you opinion on these emulators in the comments – what you like or dislike about them, maybe certain tips for using them, or maybe you have some other suggestions concerning the programmes allowing you to run Android applications on the Windows and Mac?