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Hay Day for PC: How to Download and Play

Hay Day for PC is an exciting strategy game – a farm simulator full of bright colours, wonderful locations, and cute animals. Can you expand your farm from a tiny piece of land, and make it profitable? You will begin from clearing off the land from the weeds, and eventually will end up a good farmer with a huge space of land and a lot of cattle to take care for. Of course you can and will build houses and other buildings, use machines, tools and other benefits.

Play Hay Day – and discover that it favourably differs from similar strategic games due to its unusual gameplay: you will have to water your crops, be able to attend other farmers’ lands and give them presents, take care of your cattle, and enjoy the game’s great sounds and attractive HD graphics.


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Once you begin to play Hay Day for PC, you will discover many secrets of success, however there are some useful tips that you might as well find out from us now. For example, it is quite easy to earn a lot of coins: simply buy off dynamite from other farmers (in bulk and at special price, of course), and then sell it one by one. The price for a piece of dynamite can range from 150 to 250. One of the ways to earn your farm’s budget is to perform certain tasks, and while doing it you receive both coins and experience. At the higher levels you are welcome to open your own store – and this is the main way to get income in Hay Day, so use it as much as you can!

Some more useful tips: you may also get free diamonds: by registering via Facebook you will get 5 of them, for watching one video – 1 diamond, and furthermore there are always opportunities to get bonus diamonds by taking part in competitions from the game’s developer, etc. And, by the way, be extra careful with spending diamonds! Do not waste them in order to facilitate constructing process or similar. It is much more difficult to restore your diamonds supply than to spend them, and the really profitable way to use your diamonds is to extend the queue for creating products in manufactures and add new slots.

At a certain level you will meet a guy named Tom: he will help you search for the objects you need at the lowest prices. Listen to his advice and use his help as much as you can, because in the nearest future he will only work for diamonds and cost a lot! You will be happy with the result: your supply of axes, dynamite, saws and other tools will grow. Also keep in mind that t is better not to sell your extra tools even when your farm is clean of the useless stones and trees, as you will need them later on in mines or for removing rotten plants. And do not forget about virtual friends: this will increase your farm’s turnover, as well as help prolongue the fertility period of your fruit and vegetable plants.


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Some other useful tips are: read the local newspaper in search for the rare items; do not let your farm stay without work; and steer clear of extra decorations at the initial levels (this takes a lot of money, but at the end you might not have enough for vital things!)

We are sure you will love this classic economical strategy with great graphics and updated social functions, after all, developing a farm (i.e. your own business) is an exciting adventure, and it is no less interesting than developing a character in RPG or similar.