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PaperChase: Download and play on your PC

How long has it been since you made paper airplanes? Everyone surely loved doing it as a kid, and oh, how nice it was to see your school teacher really annoyed at the sight of paper planes making their way in the classroom any moment he or she looked away! Today, you again have a marvelous opportunity to make your paper plane and compete with other gamers whose plane will make it further! Play PaperChase for PC and enjoy the challenging flight.


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In PaperChase, your plane will float above the streets of New York, Be-jin and other cities, and on the way you will collect coins and try to avoid various dangers – like, for instance, rats that are flooding the streets of the city. Although your way will always be direct, you will meet various obstacles, such as vehicles, traffic lights, and others. Paper is not really the most sturdy material, so, of course, beware of bumping into objects, otherwise your wonderful plane will eventually turn into a shapeless ball of paper! All the rout is divide into small parts to be passed within the limited amount of time. The coins you will collect can be used for buying bonuses and/or updating your paper plane. After each level, you will get your prize depending on your score!


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The essence of the game is, of course, that of a normal runner game. But thanks to the 3D graphics and gyroscope control of the game the process feels completely different. Talking about the graphics, it is not really excellent – just about okay, but the level of realism is not as high. However, the streets of the cities are reproduced quite realistically.

Read how to download PaperChase for PC for free:

- Download the most suitable free Android Emulator for PC depending on your OS (we recommend BlueStacks, and you may read about its pros and cons, as well as get the comprehensive installation guide for it here);
- Open BlueStacks or your other chosen Android Emulator, search for ‘PaperChase for PC’, and select the type of the game you want to download among the found links;

- Install PaperChase for PC - and enjoy your game!