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2048: Download and play on your PC

Warning: once you start playing 2048, you will not be able to tear yourself apart from it! This game is a real trap: it is totally capturing, and grabs your attention completely! So do not even think of trying to play 2048 during your working hours. Now that we warned you, you may read on so that to find our how to install 2048 for computer.


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2048 for computer was developed by a 19-years old Italian programmer Gabriele Cirulli, and it is a combination of tetris and push puzzle. The goal of this simple arithmetic riddle is to get a tile with the figure 2048 on a small field of 16 squares (4 x 4) by adding even numbers. Initially you have a couple of squares with the numbers 2 on them, and once you make them ‘meet’ and blend, a new square appears with the number 4 on it.

And it goes further the same way: if two neighboring tiles with the same number on them move to the same side, they merge, and a new tile with a new number (double as much as there had been before) appears on their place.You may move the tiles using the arrows on your keyboard to any of four sides, unless they are blocked.  After every move, the field acquires a new tile: ether with the number 2, or number 4 on it. And so, by dragging all those tiles with numbers to all four sides and summarizing the numbers in the tiles, the player should get the number 2048 in one tile.

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Does this sound too easy? Well, try playing the game, and see for yourself that this task is, in fact, quite challenging. 2048 tips and principles are learned intuitively, you do not have to be keen on maths at all (this is more about logics rather than mathematics), and even if you lose several rounds do not feel bad – very soon you will master it so that to be able to calculate your strategy several steps in advance! Keep your attention focused, and your logics tuned, as you cannot afford making mistakes if you really want to win!