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Download Grabatron for PC: how to install and play

In the remote future, some extraterrestrial civilizations have invaded the Earth, and their goal is to destroy everything on this planet… You will surely enjoy Grabatron for PC – an exciting game where your task will be, for a change, not to protect the humanity but, vice versa, to kidnap people and animals on a space ship with a huge hook! Besides, in Grabaron, you can collect other objects – cars, trucks, and other vehicles – that you may hit against the buildings destroying them.

grabatron square

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In Grabatron for PC, you will play for the alien villains on their flying soccer with scary red eyes – and perform missions, most of which are quite exciting (for instance, you will be required to destroy buildings, factories, and so forth). Guide your flying vehicle with ease and enjoy the simplicity of gameplay and the beautiful graphics of the landscapes.

Use your mechanic hook for destroying all live beings and objects on the planet so that to restore your energy level. Open new locations, modernize your space ship, buy new weapons and much more! Play Grabatron when you are angry – this way you can avoid harming actual people by reducing your stress level during the game.

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Grabatron features two ways of managing the ship: using the buttons or using the accelerometer. In my opinion, the accelerometer is more convenient in case with Grabatron, but the choice is up to you.

How to download Grabatron for PC and play it for free:

- Download the most suitable free Android Emulator for PC depending on your OS (we recommend BlueStacks, and you may read about its pros and cons, as well as get the comprehensive installation guide for it here);
- Open BlueStacks or your other chosen Android Emulator, search for ‘Grabatron for PC’, and select the type of the game you want to download among the found links;

- Install Grabatron for PC - and enjoy your game!